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Adrien Brody was recently cast in the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blond. For decades he gave stunning performances in movies like The French dispatch, and Midnight in Paris. Whether in the outlandish Wes Anderson flicks or the action-packed monster flicks, Brody brings an intensity that the actors barely contribute to. In action films, he ruminates; in Anderson’s films, he is a creative oddity.

He also shines in blockbuster movies, and fans are thrilled to see him as Monroe’s husband and playwright, Arthur Miller. He’s appeared in many famous movies, but these are his best, according to Rotten Tomatoes.


ten Bullet Head (2017) – 61%

Adrien Brody and John Malkovich in the movie Bullet Head

Adrien Brody starred as Stacy in the 2017 action thriller, Bullet head. Stacy is a tough and experienced criminal who must fend off the police in an old warehouse alongside her partners. A threat more dangerous than the police, however, lurks inside the warehouse: a massive killer dog.

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This film is a little original, but nothing extraordinary in the career of Adrien Brody. He delivers the performance entrusted to him, but the film otherwise cannot escape a slightly above average score on Rotten Tomatoes.

9 Predators (2010) – 65%

Adrien Brody in Predators

Before battling a killer dog in 2017, he had a much more classic threat to revisit, the alien race of Predator. In another episode of Predator franchise, predators continues the trend in the era of films set in the jungle, when new mercenaries and trained snipers must fend off violent species.

Adrien Brody’s lead all-around performance was stellar and confident. Besides his impressive line-up for the film, this remains a reboot that might not eclipse the original film. Nonetheless, it’s a satisfying and thrilling ride that earns a 65% safety rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

8 The French Dispatch (2021) – 75%

The French dispatch Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody lands among a few actors Wes Anderson favors (along with the likes of Owen Wilson and Bill Murray), so it’s no surprise he returned in Anderson’s latest film, The French Dispatch. The film even included one of the best action sequences from a Wes Anderson film, combining creative animation with real-life intensity.

The French Dispatch is an anthology film, interweaving three complicated stories around a press company. Adrien Brody shines as Julien Cadazio, an art dealer caught in the act of tax evasion. His portrayal is sublime, contributing to the consistency of a film throughout.

seven The Thin Red Line (1998) – 81%

The Thin Red Line Adrien Brody

The thin red line tells a true story of World War II in which a group of soldiers are on a search and rescue mission with an enormous objective: to capture the hill of Guadalcanal. According SlashFilmin an interview with The IndependentAdrien Brody originally had the lead role before being reduced to a minor role.

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Nonetheless, it delivers a compelling supporting performance in a (now) complete classic war movie that questions the themes of war while portraying it as harsh reality. It deserves its 81% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the nearly even audience score is proof of that.

6 King Kong (2005) – 84%

Riding the Momentum of Widely Rewarded and Award-Winning Success the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson made a King Kong spin-off and brought in Brody to play the role of Jack Driscoll.

In one of the best King Kong movies, Brody plays a compelling screenwriter for the film’s title character, determined to make the movie of his life. The film largely follows the same structure as the original, with some modern takes and better editing.

5 Liberty Heights (1999) – 85%

Adrien Brody at dinner in Liberty Heights

heights of freedom is a 90s film set in 1954; it’s part social commentary, part coming-of-age story. Adrien Brody contributes a side story as Van, the main character’s older brother, who finds love in a “good guy” (compared to their Jewish family) and struggles with what to do next.

Adrien Brody’s early performances may not be as full and authentic as his later ones, but heights of freedom does not disappoint as a meaningful film. It deserves its “Certified Fresh” status.

4 King of the Hill (1993) – 91%

King of the Hill Movie Adrien Brody

Another strand of Adrien’s earlier filmography was king of the hill, a coming-of-age story set during the Great Depression. Brody plays a smaller role as Lester, but provides satisfying support for this heartfelt story of a boy trying to fend for himself in the midst of his worst times.

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As one of Brody’s finest films, it was perhaps surrounded by great influences that he was able to learn from, taking his acting experience years later to new heights.

3 The Grand Hotel in Budapest (2014) – 92%

Adrien Brody at the Grand Budapest Hotel

Perhaps the most iconic film on this list, The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of the best collaborations between Wes Anderson and Adrien Brody. He brings the role of his life, as Dmitri.

Stepping into the role of antagonist, Brody is the son and heir to a much-wanted fortune, devoting his time to fighting (and possibly killing) anyone who stands in his way. It’s one of his most bizarre and compelling roles.

2 Midnight in Paris (2011) – 93%

Adrien Brody does not play in Midnight in Paris, but it portrays an impressive Salvador Dalí in the time-traveling love story. Alongside Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson, he lends his support to a film that is sure to make viewers fall in love with Paris.

One of the highest rated films of Adrien Brody’s career (according to Rotten Tomatoes), this film could have been a springboard for his acting in the early 2010s. that The Grand Hotel in Budapest.

1 The Pianist (2002) – 95%

The best-conceived and best-executed film sees Adrien Brody as a pianist in Warsaw, Poland. The Polish-Jewish musician watches World War II unfold before his eyes and fights to hold on to what he believes in.

A mix of emotional, dramatic and intense, this film is everything a movie buff would appreciate, all set in a real historical context. It’s well-executed and respectful of the people this event really happened to, justifying its 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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