10 cheapest cities for a budget getaway


The world’s most affordable cities can also become the vacation of a lifetime, especially when the destination is one of them.

A getaway is good for the soul, but not always for the wallet. That once in a lifetime trip to an exotic new place might make it feel like it would take a lifetime to pay for it! Because great excitement often comes with big payouts, it may seem like one has to choose between a bustling city or an inexpensive place to visit. How can a tourist find the best of both worlds? Here are some affordable cities around the world that offer the perfect marriage of economy and fun.

ten Delhi, India

Delhi is the most affordable city in the survey, with hotel rooms costing around $ 20 a night and a drink costing just over $ 2. It is a city full of activities that tourists can enjoy for free. From a free movie screening to a free view of art galleries, they’re free. Escape the city scene with a visit to the peaceful Lodhi Gardens or the Garden of the Five Senses for almost no cost. With an average dinner costing just under $ 9, dining in Delhi is also surprisingly affordable and tasty.

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9 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is home to culturally rich sites and destinations, and some of them are really cheap. A popular site in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar, a 600 year old market with over 4,000 stores. The Grand Bazaar makes getaways easy as tourists can simply find anything here and haggle with vendors to fit their budget. With the right research, tourists can easily book a $ 22 hotel and fill up on a $ 6 Balik Ekmek sandwich. Then tourists can head to the city’s popular baths and enjoy a relaxing massage for just $ 23.

8 Cairo, Egypt

The most popular tourist destination in Cairo is the Pyramids of Giza, and including it in the itinerary will surely wreck a wallet. However, what a Cairo getaway without visiting the pyramids. While tours cost around $ 40, it won’t be as bad if tourists cut back on accommodation and choose hotels for as little as $ 18 and spend on food for as little as $ 9 for a full meal. Coptic Cairo and Fatimid Cairo are some of the neighborhoods that tourists can explore and learn about the city’s history. Do not miss the interior art available to the public for free as in Al-Mashrabeya and Gypsum Gallery.

seven Beijing, China

Despite being an economic powerhouse, overloading is not an option in this capital. The average cost of accommodation in Beijing is only $ 29 per night, and a full day of meals should be around $ 12. There is a popular snack street called Wangfujing which is perfect for tourists who want to venture into Chinese cuisine on a budget. A visit to the ancient sites is a must on this getaway and they are in fact free. Tourists can visit the National Museum to learn about ancient history, see some relics from the 2008 Olympics, and stop in District 798 for public art.

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6 Warsaw, Poland

The capital of Poland offers budget European accommodation starting at $ 50 and food that costs $ 20 per day. Pubs around town offer food for as little as $ 2. Warsaw offers free entry to various attractions and sites that tourists can enjoy. Everything from the Rising Museum to the National Museum is free. More than that, this town is a beach town, and sunbathing at the beach would make the perfect budget getaway.

5 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Steak is the most popular food in Argentina, and on its own it already seems expensive. But Buenos Aires has the best dinners where a combination of steak meal, wine, and free tango lessons won’t cost more than $ 20. The cafes in town are incredibly cheaper, with drinks costing as little as $ 2. After you’ve had your fill of red meat and wine, booking a room in Buenos Aires can start at $ 36. There is an idea that won’t break the bank!

4 Marrakech, Morocco

Upscale places don’t have to be expensive. In Marrakech, tourists can find good deals, especially in summer. There are various free sites in the city like Djemaa El-Fna Square, an open plaza that becomes a food court at night and fills with entertainers. It’s like a festival in the middle of a city. Sample Western Asian cuisine for as little as $ 10 at the city’s top restaurants. Hotels in Marrakech cost as little as $ 6.

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3 Bangkok, thailand

Despite its cherished reputation for being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it still remains on the list of budget cities. Bangkok offers $ 45 hotels that tourists can easily find online. If tourists know where to go, food can be prepared for under $ 15 at the Patpong District Night Market. Temples and museums are also free in some areas of the city. Bangkok Museum, Silpa Bhirasri Museum, and Museum of Correction are free entry sites that include free photographs at various temples.

2 Lima, Peru

Lima is a city that tourists would find it hard to resist. It is home to the best restaurants in the world and is certainly not economical. However, there are meals that could provide the same satisfaction with a daily cost of less than $ 16. One tip to consider is to share a hotel room that costs around $ 45. Enjoy free entry to old buildings such as the Cathedral of Lima as well as the Palacio del Gobierno.

1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur’s rapid rise as a global financial center already looks expensive, but the city has kept its prices low. An average hotel costs around $ 32 per night, and food can cost around $ 11 at popular and tasty street stalls. The city is also rich in culture in which they are featured for free in the National Art Gallery and offer free art classes in the KL Forest Eco Park.

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