2022 Winter Olympics – Natalia Maliszewska tests positive again after unexpected release from Covid isolation


Polish short track speed skater Natalia Maliszewska, who was unexpectedly released from Covid isolation hours before a qualifying race, has again tested positive for Covid and will not compete on Saturday.

Maliszewska tested positive for the virus on January 30 and was initially ruled out of the 500m short track qualifying event by the Polish Olympic Committee (POC).

However, just hours after the initial announcement, eyebrows were raised when the POC released a new statement, confirming Maliszewska’s release from solitary confinement on Friday evening and her intention to take part in the short-term ordeal. track.

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The statement read: “We would like to inform you that thanks to the actions and efforts of the leadership of the Polish Olympic Mission and the Polish Olympic Committee, Natalia Maliszewska has been released from an isolation hotel and is already in the Olympic Village. from Beijing.”

But there was another twist as Maliszewska then tested positive again hours before the 500m on Saturday, once again ruling her out.

Maliszewska recorded a negative test two days ago, but followed it up with two more positive tests.

POC leader Konrad Niedźwiedzki had taken to Twitter to express his initial disappointment at news that Maliszewska would most likely miss the race.

“Unfortunately we lose this fight, Natalia Maliszewska positive – without possibility to start 500m (Saturday),” Niedźwiedzki explained.

The 500m is Maliszewska’s favorite distance and Poland’s likeliest chance to win a gold medal on the ice in Beijing.

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