3 friends get hotel rooms for the homeless amid winter storm


Three friends linked by their passion for the homeless. They have labeled themselves the Arctic Frost Ladies and they are truly making a difference for Oklahoma City’s homeless population.

“Last winter when the ice storm came, I had a woman with her three children living in a tent, which was buried in the ice,” said Jodi Berge of the On Bended Knee ministry.

This view was too much for Delisa Jones, Jessica Laster and Jodi Berge to handle.

The three ladies have been helping the homeless for years, but this sight has taken things to another level.

“We created a fundraiser on Facebook and we just started reaching out to our friends, family and followers, you know see if anyone wanted to sponsor someone for a night in a hotel just to get them out of the cold” , said Jessica Laster with Sandwiches with love.

Donte is homeless and really appreciates the hotel room for him and his daughter.

“I woke up with dead people next to me, because of that winter weather before, you know what I’m saying. People actually froze to death,” Donte said.

With this week’s arctic explosion, the group has about 60 hotel rooms currently rented to homeless people.

“In these rooms there will be at least two to three people, except for a few of the rooms that contain elderly people, they are there with themselves and their pets,” said Delisa Jones of Second Chance Thrift Store.

With so many homeless shelters open, ladies are often asked why they pay for hotel rooms?

The ladies are very appreciative of shelters and recognize the need for what they do, but they are not for everyone.

“Not everyone can go to the shelter, some people have animals, some people have family and mental health issues, shelters aren’t always safe for everyone,” Laster said.

The ladies also add a few extras during the hotel stay.

“We make sure they have enough food for the time they’re there, we make sure they have hygiene,” Jones said.

As homeless people leave hotels, most of them will return to nothing.

“We like to give them a three-person tent, a zero-degree sleeping bag, socks, gloves, emergency blankets, food,” Laster said.

They even provide bus passes and hygiene products. Try to provide some necessities.

“They are like our friends. And so, I just don’t like people throwing people away, that’s not what it’s about,” Berge said.

Now none of the ladies get any money for their services. They raised nearly $14,000.

They can be reached via their Facebook pages

https://www.facebook.com/delisasecondchances, https://www.facebook.com/sandwicheswithlove, https://www.facebook.com/jodi.berge.7

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