32,000 refugees could arrive here by Easter as up to 60% of properties promised by the public are unsuitable


Up to 60% of accommodation offers for Ukrainian refugees that have been promised by members of the public may not be suitable.

20,719 offers have been made to the Irish Red Cross and these are being assessed.

However, Cabinet has been advised that it is likely that between 50% and 60% of properties pledged by the public will not be usable.

It comes as ministers were told 32,000 Ukrainian refugees could have arrived in Ireland before Easter. The latest estimates provided to ministers yesterday indicate that the number of arrivals by the following weekend could be between 26,000 and 32,000.

Ministers were informed that the main challenge remains the constraint on the supply of suitable accommodation for arrivals.

A government spokesman said Millstreet Arena in Cork, which can hold up to 400 refugees, will be available from April 18 with a further 320 places available at Gormanston Camp.

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More than 18,600 refugees have arrived in Ireland to date, of whom two-thirds are women, one-third men and around one-third of all arrivals are children. The seven-day average of arrivals is 580 people per day, with the proportion of those seeking accommodation standing at 81%.

According to the latest estimates, assuming that all arrivals require emergency hotel accommodation, the cost of each cohort of 10,000 refugees is approximately €500 million per year. Additional financing needs will be met from the remaining €2.5 billion of the Covid contingency fund.

The Children’s Department manages care through short-term hotel accommodation and other accommodation.

Cabinet has been told that almost 10,000 beds in hotels and guesthouses have been found and that 1,800 local government beds could also be made available.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien will host an emergency summit of key construction industry stakeholders, estate agents and other bodies next week to discuss the response.

In the meantime, the Cabinet has been informed that the government has granted funding of €150,000 to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, which is investigating alleged war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

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