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The accommodation someone chooses when traveling is partly constrained by their budget – or, if you’re lucky, lack thereof – partly personality, partly attitude, and partly style. There’s nothing wrong with staying in a luxury palace-like hotel that treats you like royalty, or camping or staying in a hostel on the outskirts of a city. Hosting is a very individual thing, and it’s often ingrained in someone, whether it’s from childhood or during childhood.

One type, the boutique hotel, is one that can overlap with all types of accommodation, sometimes even camping, if it strays into glamping. Personally, this is my favorite type of hotel. Shops tend to be smaller, with fewer rooms and therefore fewer people, but also fewer amenities. They can be quirky or artsy, often located in historic surroundings that have been reinvented, quite often in the older parts of a city, and, sometimes, but not always, a bit cheaper than other luxury options. .

While I love being pampered in a fabulously glamorous hotel, I tend to seek out boutique stays for the owner’s individuality and personality, which usually shines through.

Rome does the “boutique” very well, with so many old historic buildings in the center that have been given a new lease of life and have become great places to stay. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Manfredi Palm Suite

The Palm Suite is the sister property to Palazzo Manfredi which I mentioned in my article on luxury hotels in Rome. They’re in about the same beautiful location, just steps from the Colosseum, embracing the history of the building and the incredible surroundings. A small place with only five suites – a true boutique – the suites are decorated with style, fun, history and art in mind.

There are exposed brickwork, adobe-style walls, mismatched furniture, and artwork and decor that you’ll be sure to try and find once you get back home. Palm Suites has a tranquil interior courtyard and rooftop terrace with stunning views. Each suite is very individual, ranging from a square under the sloping roof to a two-bedroom duplex suite, to the suite that gave the place its name: the Grand Palm Suite with a view of the Roman Forum.

Pro Tip: There’s no on-site restaurant, but there is a bar with snacks, and, for a treat, you can book yourself into the sister property’s Michelin-starred rooftop Aroma restaurant, which is nearby and offers one of the best dinner views in Rome.

The entrance to HiSuiteRome

Photo credit: Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

2. HiSuiteRome

HiSuiteRome is where I stayed on my last visit to Rome and, no, no gifts were received. Located on a medieval, narrow, cobbled street between the Tiber and Piazza Navona, this beautiful burnt orange building felt very authentic and is literally a stone’s throw from some great cafes and restaurants.

The owner, Laura, not only lives next door, as do her mother and son, but she tries to make these little apartments a home in Rome for visitors by being available on WhatsApp whenever you need them. Accommodation ranges from a suite to various self-contained duplex apartments of various sizes with comfortable bedrooms, large bathrooms and a very small kitchen area.

But then you have restaurants all around you for eating out, and the kitchen is simply for morning coffee or the odd little snack. A small supermarket is conveniently located just across the street. The apartments are modern and functional, with windows overlooking the narrow street, in which Italian voices sometimes echo, giving you the feeling of really living in Rome. And you are, for a while.

Pro tip: Take advantage of Laura and her local knowledge. She knows where to eat, what to eat, what to see and what to do, and can help with anything.

The courtyard of the Hotel Ponte Sisto, Rome, Italy

The courtyard of the Hotel Ponte Sisto

Photo credit: Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

3. Hotel Pont Sisto

My friends, whom I went to Rome to meet, stayed at the boutique hotel Ponte Sisto, and I was quite jealous. It enjoys an ideal central location, just around the corner from Campo Fiori with its fabulous market, and near the Sisto Bridge, which gives its name to the hotel and crosses the Tiber leading to bustling Trastevere. They had found it by chance on a previous visit, and it’s a great find.

Hotel Ponte Sisto has a stunning rooftop bar, an atmospheric courtyard that’s just too picturesque for words, and a selection of large rooms with French windows opening onto the garden and on balconies. But note that this is a four-star property that offers a range of rooms, some much less spectacular than others, but all at a good price for Rome. It’s worth splashing out on for a bit more space and those big windows, even though you have the roof terrace and the Campo nearby.

Pro tip: Normally I never suggest getting the room rate that includes breakfast, but my friends were so impressed with the breakfast in the courtyard that they only wanted to meet us after breakfast. lunch and left us to snack on our cornetto (croissant) alone in our street corner café.

The lounge at the Roma Luxus hotel in Rome, Italy

The living room of the Roma Luxus hotel

Photo credit: Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

4. Hotel Roma Luxus

Slightly up the hill from the Colosseum in the aptly called Monti area, the Hotel Roma Luxus is in a great location with views of the Forum and rooftops, churches and all things Roman. Rooms and suites are comfortable, decorated with pops of color that match the hotel’s quirky interior, like resident flamingos in an ancient lobby arch. The originality gives the hotel a charming and warm atmosphere which is also found in the lounge on the ground floor, with comfortable seats and a library full of Roman books and the remains of international tomes.

Some of the rooms and suites have the most beautiful little terraces, private but with grand views, making it much more like a home than a hotel. What somewhat distinguishes this small hotel among others of this size and in the heart of Rome are the facilities: there is the library, a spa with sauna and Turkish bath, and other still quite original options such as a “emotional” shower. Some rooms even have Jacuzzis, making this more of a hotel than a boutique stay, but small-scale and cozy. There is also an on-site restaurant with an outdoor terrace.

Pro tip: The hotel not only offers airport transfers, but also special guided tours in a Maserati for that oh-so-Italian luxury.

The entrance to G-Rough in Rome, Italy

G-Rough’s entrance

Photo credit: Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

5. G-Rough

A few steps from the magnificent Piazza Navona is the hotel G-Rough, completely discreet but welcoming. In a building dating from the 17e century, the interior is more modern with some leanings towards the retro. 10 suites and apartments offer a nice mix of a historic building, like atmospheric ceiling beams, and contemporary perks like walk-in showers. The result is a mix of the best of both worlds: old Rome and modern comfort.

Some rooms have warm wooden floors, others have colorful mosaic floor tiles, some have velvet sofas, and others have elegant concrete walls. It’s hard to choose a favorite. Well, actually, it’s not, if you have the budget. The Penthouse Suite is a duplex on the top two floors with Murano chandeliers, comfortable furnishings, stunning artwork, and a private terrace with views of the neighborhood. 750 square feet of living space and 160 square feet of terrace allow you to grab a bottle of a good red from your corner supermarket and sit back and enjoy your private part of Rome.

Pro Tip: G-Rough, like many of these boutique hotels, does not have on-site restaurants, but arranges bespoke in-room dining for you. You tell them what you want, and they pick it up and deliver it to your room.

Piazza di Spagna viewed from Piazza di Spagna 9 in Rome, Italy.

Spanish Steps seen from the Spanish Steps 9

Photo credit: Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

6. Spanish Steps 9

Did you notice the address in the name of this boutique stay? Piazza di Spagna 9 is right on the Spanish Steps, near the Spanish Steps, right in the heart of Rome, with an address that couldn’t be more iconic. Located in an 18th century city palace, the six suites are understated, ultra-modern with design at the forefront of the whole concept, and this creates a stunning juxtaposition of old and new, inside and out. the outside.

The space also functions as a contemporary art gallery, with the suites hosting selected works of art. There is a breakfast lounge overlooking the square, which offers coffee and pastries throughout the day for guests. With suites located on multiple floors, some have lovely rooftop views, some have balconies, while the Landmark View Junior Suite opens up with views of the square.

Pro Tip: If you have the budget – perhaps for a special occasion – the entire property is available for private use, so you would have the entire City Palace to yourself with your family or friends in the six suites.

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