A fight at the hotel before a Fame MMA concert. “I was kicked in the back”


The next MMA’s fame 11 party will take place on Saturday October 2 at the Arena Gliwice. walk ± Tonight will be a duel for former KSW federation champion in Boris Mankowski’s welterweight division with UFC veteran Norman Park. In addition, at the party we will see a whole galaxy of the most famous trade union stars in Poland. The octagon will include, among others, Marcin Dobell, Sylwister Wardega and Philippe “Felebec” Marcinek.

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Another fight with “Ferrari” in the title role. Hot atmosphere before Fame MMA 11

Every Fame Party MMA There are great feelings and a high temperature between the players. There are often tensions and quarrels between them, not only verbally, but also physically. One of the Federation stars who usually makes a lot of noise around him is Amadeus. “Ferrari” Roślik. It was no different this time at a hotel in Gliwice.

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Ferrari was supposed to face another Fame Galas contestant in the hallway of the MMA hotel – Alan Kwieciński, best known for his appearance on the popular reality show “Warsaw Shore”. Alan walked over and stood in my way. I said I never stray from anyone. We touched the shoulders, I continued… I was kicked in the back – Amadeus Rolik told the whole story in an interview with Al Bawaba Mma.pl.

Rolick’s father was one of the witnesses to the whole event. – My father is 58, but he’s going to jump after me into the fire. I didn’t even have time to answer, and my father immediately rushed over to Alan. So as not to hit him, he just pulled him a few yards, dragged him to the hotel, put him against the wall and said, “What have you done? – He said “Ferrari”. – I gave him a bomb in the head, I avoided his blow. He added that he had a drink under his eyes, not just between his legs.

Kwieciński has yet to speak on the matter, but Wojciech Gola, one of the owners of Fame MMA, has. Such behavior is unacceptable. We haven’t spoken to Alan and Amadeus yet, we’re not quite sure what happened as one says it started and the other says it. Luckily, Amadeus ended up fighting and he didn’t suffer a serious injury. Alan is still our player, but such situations do not work in his favor – said Gula in an interview with the portal Fansportu.pl.

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Alan Kwieciński is not included in the fame of the MMA 11 party fight card. We will see Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik playing against rapper Filip “Filip” Marcinek.


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