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Previously, if you were burglarized and your house was ransacked, with valuables stolen, the police would come directly and try to detect the burglar.

They were firmly on the side of the law-abiding, tax-paying citizen. Then came political correctness and I don’t think I’ve seen a vertical cop in a few years. They all seem to be in offices, conferences or cars. The fact is that over the past 40 years, crime detection has undergone a revolution in favor of CID. At the time, the detective could hope for an eyewitness or a fingerprint. Now his arsenal is simply vast, and the key is mind-blowing technology. DNA and the national registry of it means that the slightest contact by a criminal identifies him.

The smallest strand of fabric can be traced back to the sweater or jacket it came from; CCTV is everywhere – in every street, corner and square. Magnification can magnify and identify a license plate and shatter an alibi.

Facial recognition technology will select a moving face from a stream of people walking and match it to the photo in the database. If the crime is more serious, what a modern medical examiner can learn from a body on a slab will fool all killers, no matter how clever.

In short, a repeat offender is unlikely to stay out of jail for long, so only the stupid turn to a career in robbery and the stupid get caught the quickest. Only cyber crooks get away with robbing the unwary and they could be sitting miles away overseas.

Of course, crime detection and all that technology takes time and in recent years the police have been hijacked. They’ve been busy hunting real criminals such as grandfathers cuddling their grandchildren or holding hands with a dying loved one.

Now we can’t have that, can we?


This insult to our queen may not be politically viable.

Most of us have a single image in our memories that won’t go away. For millions it is a little lady, crushed with grief, sitting alone in a pew at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, during the funeral of her late and beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

This lady was our queen, who devoted herself to her duty as a monarch for almost 70 years.

No one was allowed near her due to Covid rules imposed by Boris Johnson. No son could kiss her (different households). No grandson could hold her hand. Not a lady-in-waiting could sit next to her.

However, 24 hours earlier, they had organized a drunken evening at 10 Downing Street.

It was not a work break in the garden sun on May 20, 2020, it is now almost two years ago. It was April 17, 2021 and the reveal came out last week. This pales into the insignificance of prior news from a garden sit-out a year prior. Mrs. Sue Gray will now review the lot and make her decision.

The patience of the British people, their ability to forgive, is immense. The 2020 Garden sit-out was seen as the final straw – but politically just viable.

It might be the insult to the queen, which it might not be.

If, the day after Boris Johnson’s departure, anyone wonders: did a malevolent enemy bring him down, the answer is no: he did it entirely on his own through a lack of judgment amazing. Not once but again and again. There’s one riddle left to solve and it’s not Miss Gray’s.

Under Conservative Party rules (not the country’s constitution), letters asking for a challenge to the leadership can be dropped into the mailbox of the chairman of the 1922 Committee, currently Sir Graham Brady.

He collects them under lock and key. When they reach a certain number, a vote to oust the party leader is mandatory.

This magic number is 54. How many are there so far? We do not know it ; only he knows and he has sworn to be silent.

But the image of HM sitting alone while

The Downing Street parties may change that.

January will tell.


The Australian settles the U-turn not to Novak’s advantage

What the hell happened to Australia? This land we’ve all come to regard as carefree and risk averse seems to have had a cross between a fit of hysteria and a nervous breakdown over Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic who wanted to defend his title but not be Covid vaccinated.

It all boils down to a single query. Is a Covid vax absolutely mandatory for authorized presence in the country or is it not? If so, then why did he go through passport control? Or if it were allowed but under conditions of personal isolation, in such a vast country, a ten-meter sanitary cordon all around it would be perfectly feasible.

What’s ridiculous is the hash and change; first in a miserable hotel room, then freedom because a judge says so, then slam it again because a junior minister says so. Then eviction.

And here is the raised eyebrow.

The polls are definite. A large part of the population supports the containment. (Here we have the opposite; a people who hate lockdown, ministers who enact it and who don’t obey their own dictates if someone shakes a gin and tonic).

Are we poor puzzled Poms now to assume that what Banjo Paterson really wrote was “Cringing Matilda”?


Putin’s sabrerattling is all too familiar

You would have to be a bit of a history buff – sorry, I plead guilty – to remember the word Gleiwitz. In August 1939, it was a small German-owned and Nazi-run radio station on the German-Polish border.

One night he was attacked by soldiers in Polish uniforms. It was stormed and occupied. There were victims. The attackers made an insulting broadcast in Polish and left.

Within 24 hours, Hitler had used this “act of war” to declare war on Poland and thus start World War II. Later, it was revealed that the attackers were Polish-speaking German SS men and that it was all just a set-up job. That was over 80 years ago. So what?

Well, in British intelligence circles there is urgent speculation that Vladimir Putin could, within days, use a similar ploy to provoke fighting on the Russian-Ukrainian border with a fake Ukrainian attack on a Russian unit to trigger his desired Russian invasion of the two eastern regions of Ukraine. Lugansk and Donetsk provinces.

Is our continent sliding once more towards war, and should we, like Neville

Did Chamberlain in 1939 respond in the same way? (We declared war on Germany on September 3.) The omens are not good.


Covid isn’t the only contagious thing across Europe…

Covid isn’t the only thing that seems to be contagious across Europe. So is the growing rebellion of countries that refuse to recognize the supremacy of the European Court of Justice over their own supreme courts.

First it was Poland, then Hungary and now Romania.

This may seem like an abstruse legal question.

Not so. This is at the very heart of Brussels’ desire to create a real European mega-state from the EU.

The EU’s own Supreme Court, the ECJ, is at the heart of this dream.

Allow 27 national courts – all deciding different things, but mainly that national sovereignty comes first and you can wish goodbye, auf wiedersehen and adiós to the whole project except for a few border tariffs.

If this continues, it will revert to the old common market.


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