Best places to stay in Saint-Martin

  • Saint Martin offers everything from unique guest houses to specialist resorts.
  • To stay in a local village, consider the Petit Hôtel. For a private stay, book the Beach House.
  • Stay close to popular Atrium Beach Resort sites. For an authentic breakfast, try Piece of pasture.

I adopted St. Maarten as my home 20 years ago, and sharing it with the world has become one of my favorite hobbies.

Here is a list of some of the best places to stay, according to a local:

Le Petit Hotel is perfect for tourists looking for an ocean view

Le Petit Hôtel in Saint-Martin.

If you want to stay in a charming village, look no further than Le Petit Hôtel.

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If you are staying in the charming fishing village of Grand Case, I recommend that you book at the Petit Hôtel.

Each of the beachfront boutique hotel’s 10 rooms faces the sea and has a balcony where guests can watch planes land and magical sunsets.

The hotel offers a free shuttle service to the village center and Grand Case’s famous row of restaurants. Guests staying at Le Petit can also use the facilities available at its partner hotel, L’Esplanade.

Rates per night range from approximately $ 305 to $ 755 per night depending on room type and time of year.

advice: Le Petit Hôtel is offering a 20% discount on all room types until December 19. Breakfast is free, and you can get a free 30-minute massage with any reservation of three nights or more.

The Hotel L’Esplanade is the sister property of the Petit Hôtel

Hotel L’Esplanade, another beautiful boutique hotel in Grand Case, happens to be the Petit’s sister property.

Located in the hills overlooking the bay of Grand Case, L’Esplanade offers 24 beautiful suites, each with its own large balcony.

There is a swimming pool with a swim-up bar (ask Alan the bartender to make you his famous TGV cocktail) and an on-site spa offering massages and treatments. The hotel’s temple, located next to the pool, also offers free yoga classes.

The average rate per night here is $ 400, but prices range from $ 265 to $ 625 per night depending on room type and time of year.

advice: The Esplanade is closed due to the pandemic, but its reopening is scheduled for November.

The Beach House St. Maarten is a waterfront Airbnb

The Beach House in St. Martin

Bach’s house is extremely popular, so try to book in advance.

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For a more private experience on the beach, the one-bedroom Beach House St. Maarten is the perfect Airbnb for couples or solo travelers.

It’s right on Simpson Bay Beach, which means it’s close to the grocery stores and restaurants and bars of the Simpson Bay Strip.

Average rental rate is $ 231 per night.

advice: Book early. This beachfront accommodation is very popular and is often booked months in advance.

Be close to all the action at the Atrium Beach Resort

On the Dutch side, within walking distance of some of the island’s most popular hangouts and restaurants, is the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa.

It might not be as big or popular as some of the other Pelican Key hotels, but it’s certainly a great location for those who want to be close to the action of the popular Simpson Bay strip and the beach. by Kimsha.

Rates range from approximately $ 109 to $ 379 per night depending on room type and time of year.

advice: Make an appointment with Miguel and a spa appointment with John at the hotel’s spa and hair salon.

Live the complete tourist experience of Saint-Martin at Pasture Piece

Piece of pasture in Saint-Martin.

Pasture Piece offers a unique guest room experience.

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For a truly local experience and a unique stay, Pasture Piece Bed & Breakfast is the best choice.

Located in the valley of the St. Peters area, not far from Rainforest Adventures, the century-old island house was converted into a guesthouse by the granddaughter of its original owners.

It comes with a list of modern amenities – like a stocked fridge, free Wi-Fi, and smart TV – all in an atmosphere of yesteryear.

The price per night at Pasture Piece starts at around $ 100, and there’s a two-night minimum.

advice: Do not miss the traditional Saint-Martin breakfast in the morning. You should also ask Natasha (the owner) to show you around the museum on site.

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