BHTA and BETA sign MoU


The Barbados Hospitality and Tourism Association (BHTA) and the Barbados Entrepreneurship and Tourism Association (BETA) have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The two-year arrangement, intended to enhance the strength of both organizations in the areas of advocacy and lobbying, will also facilitate the pooling of resources for training, marketing and promotional activities, among others, on behalf of members.

BHTA President Renée Coppin said she was delighted to lead the Association’s Board of Directors at this important time.

“Today’s signing, especially at this time in tourism history, highlights the importance of working together.

In 2020, we signed a similar MOU with Intimate Hotels Barbados (IHB), which continues to be a mutually beneficial agreement and we are delighted to partner with BETA in the same way.

“This process began under former Chairman Geoffrey Roach and it is symbolic that he is now here as interim CEO during this time.

I am also delighted that we were able to finalize the deal while our outgoing CEO, Rudy Grant, is still with us, as he played a major role in the process.

“Within the BHTA, we already have a non-hotel accommodation/villa segment that we represent, but we also wanted to make sure that the Airbnb-type accommodation, which BETA represents, also falls under the BHTA umbrella because it’s “is a great opportunity for the industry to advance initiatives and build relationships within this segment of the market. We certainly look forward to representing and learning from our new members as we move forward.”

BETA President Dawne Pollard said the signing of the MOU was an important milestone for the association: “It is truly an honor for BETA. Our Past President Deborah Grant started the process and our leadership team is happy to see it through.

Our 60+ members are thrilled as this indicates that BETA is now recognized as a key player
in the shared economy within the local tourism industry and we would like to thank the BHTA for this mark of confidence.

“Having the support and collaborative working agreement with an organization such as BHTA gives our members an added sense of security and will undoubtedly enhance our lobbying, negotiating and advocacy efforts in the shared economy segment. and vacation rentals in the area.

“We really look forward to working with the BHTA and anticipate that our agreement will pave the way for a lasting relationship and the exchange of valuable information and expertise between our members, which will bode well for the industry in his outfit.” (PR)

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