Bo Hedges challenges his place on Team Canada


Five-day camp to select 12 players as national team prepares for international competition

Bo Hedges is back with Canada’s top wheelchair basketball players this week for a five-day camp that kicked off Monday in Toronto.

The Wonowon product is one of 15 athletes vying for a dozen spots on the national roster as he prepares for tough international competition over the next two months.

Hedges admits the level of competition increases a bit at these camps.

“I train with a bunch of guys here in town but it’s not the same, that’s for sure. When you get the top 15 players in the country to train, obviously the level goes up, so it’s a bit more intense, more pressure than your usual daily training.

Fortunately, living in Toronto, he can return home at the end of the evening, at least for this camp.

“There are other times, however, where it’s not,” says Hedges. “We have the Dutch team coming in late June, early July, and we’ll all be at the hotel doing the teamwork for qualifying in July.”

Canada will face the Netherlands, who have already qualified for November’s world championships in Dubai, in a series of “friendly matches”.

Before that, in early June, the Canadians will travel to Italy for a four-team tournament against the Italians, Spain and Poland, home to face the Dutch, then to São Paulo in Brazil for the Americas Cup from 9-19 July. .

Eight teams, including Canada and the United States, will compete for four world championship appearances.

“We will know at the end of this week which 12 are going to Italy.”

A decision on who will compete in the Americas Cup and World Championship for Canada will be made in early July.

Hedges is working hard to be part of the chosen dozen.

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