Bolsonaro says he should visit Hungary and Poland after Russia trip



by Pedro Fonseca

(Reuters) – President Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday he would visit Hungary and Poland after his trip to Russia next month, and said the visit to Moscow was not intended to provoke any animosity amid tensions between government and government. The situation in Ukraine because of Russia and NATO.

“Itamarti is looking into the matter. We are not leaving Brazil to create problems, animosity. We know a country’s problem with Russia, we know that,” Bolsonaro told Planalto reporters in an evening interview with Palacio do.

“Russia is our partner, we buy fertilizers, potash and other things. So it’s a trip that interests us and interests them,” he said.

Russia is currently facing a crisis with NATO as it has deployed a large number of troops on the border with the neighboring country. Western officials such as US President Joe Biden fear a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Bolsonaro also said he is expected to travel to Hungary and Poland after his visit to Moscow. Both countries are ruled by radical right-wing politicians, who are often at odds with the European Union on human rights issues.

The president also commented on visits to Guyana and Suriname this week, noting that both countries have “tremendous oil and gas potential”.

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