Book your stay in these 5 unique accommodations in Belgium


Book your stay in these 5 unique accommodations in Belgium

Sep 28, 2022, 03:00
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Check into these 5 unique accommodations in Belgium.

A small country in Europe, Belgium offers a perfect balance between art, culture, nature and nightlife.

Known for its idyllic vistas, grand castles, delicious chocolates and invigorating beers, this place attracts a huge crowd of travelers from all over the world.

And to make their #travelscenes more memorable, the country is home to multiple accommodations based on unique concepts.

Below are five of them.

Pairi Daiza is located inside an animal park where you can spend a night surrounded by nature.

Here, animals like elephants, tigers, polar bears and wolves could be your neighbors.

“Walrus House” is its most unique piece as it offers an underwater view of sea life.

Its ‘Penguin Rooms’ offer both over and under water windows from which you can observe these cheerful birds.

1898 La Poste in Ghent is located in a charming building that was once a post office.

Conceptualized in 1898 and built in 1909, this historic property now serves as its only hotel after more than 100 years.

Interestingly, all rooms at this boutique hotel are based on mail themes like The Stamp, The Letter, and The Postcard.

This hotel “welcomes” you into the world of art and imagination.

Located in Brussels, Hotel Welcome offers chic rooms, each with a distinct theme.

From Japanese and Egyptian rooms to Congo and Silk Road rooms, you can easily choose any room where you want to spend a night.

In fact, some of these rooms even have their own Christmas tree!

Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof

The Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof is an 18th century Baroque mansion in Ghent and still preserves the bygone era through its décor.

The rooms have high ceilings, large windows and original artwork that gives a contemporary touch.

Moreover, the property also includes furniture that dates back in time, gold ornaments that embellish its walls and marble flooring that makes it look unusually grand.

When the Train World Museum in Brussels announced its opening, the folks at Train Hostel bought an old 30-tonne train carriage and parked it on top of a 100-year-old building.

Today it is a unique hostel that has both dorms and rooms with private bathrooms.

On top of that, this quirky inn features antiques that restore its historical element.

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