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The caretaker’s office has decided: Ukrainian refugees will be accommodated again in State resorts

Bulgaria will continue the accommodation program for Ukrainian refugeesand they will be moved again to State resorts. This was stated by Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev during a briefing to the Cabinet of Ministers.

We have provided the necessary places and opportunities for this. A period of 15 days will be granted until the middle of the month for people staying in hotels to be relocated to suitable resorts. Only Bulgaria and two other countries – Cyprus and Ireland provide such protection for an unlimited period. On the other hand, we want to make sure that in the coming winter conditions, these citizens will be housed in appropriate places and will not have to travel in difficult climatic conditions.“said the minister.

Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov said that the financial resources allocated by Bulgaria are significant, even compared to other EU Member States. So far, nearly BGN 523 million has been paid, including BGN 200 million at the expense of the budget and about BGN 300 million – under European programs and funds, he explained.

It is important to know our options. We leave no one on the street, those who need protection will be housed in the government resorts and their care will continue. I want to sincerely thank the hoteliers who opened their hotels in the first wave, there were ambiguities, but they still took this laughk,” Dimitrov said.

The Minister assured that all funds to hoteliers will be paid, and by the end of this week all undisputed payments that the State invoiced until the end of September will be seized. Within 15 days, hoteliers will be able to file complaints, and each of them will be examined.

There are three options in which the sums may not be paid – if the person left the hotel, but continues to be registered there, the second is when he started working and did not show up in a period of one month, and the third hypothesis is when a person is accommodated in more than one hotel“.

There is also a fourth problem related to meal declarations, which will however be solved by software, which is why Ilin Dimitrov called on hoteliers to State financial differences in the complaints they file.

Early in the day:

Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria who are accommodated in hotels are likely to be redirected to State resorts. A similar decision should be taken by the office by the end of the day, according to the Bulgarian media “Dnevnik”. Today is the deadline for the program under which those fleeing Russia’s war in Ukraine can be accommodated in hotels. To find out more, click here: The program for Ukrainian Refugees Ends Today – Protest Tomorrow in Sunny Beach

It will probably be decided that there will be a transition period of about two weeks, after which the Ukrainians will be directed to State resorts. Such an attempt was made at the beginning of the summer, but volunteers, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the Ukrainian community complained about a lack of communication with State (Kiril Petkov’s government was in power at the time), clarity on the exact nature resorts will be used and other similar issues. This program has subsequently been extended twice, most recently by the interim cabinet.

People are very worried again“, said volunteers who help residents in” Dnevnik “. They still do not have enough clarity about the Statethe plans, to which resorts will they be redirected, how and when exactly.

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (CHB) on Friday October 28 called on the interim government to take a decision to avoid a humanitarian crisis. The organization also claims that there is no awareness campaign within the community, it is not known if there will be enough places in the State resorts and where exactly they will be.

According to information from “Dnevnik”, the cabinet’s opinion is to end accommodation in hotels, which was the only one of its kind in Europe. It is not known when this will happen, but there is talk of introducing a transition period, which should last around two weeks.

Bulgaria to receive additional European funds for Ukrainian refugees

BulgariaPoland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will receive an additional total of €100 million for refugees of Ukraine, the European Commission announced today, quoted by BTA.

States will have these funds to continue to take care of refugees and to provide them with food, transport and temporary accommodation. Funds are expected to flow to civil organizations and local authorities, the commission’s announcement said.

The European Commission specifies that it will allocate the funds according to the results obtained, and not according to the real costs. He adds that an additional 52 million euros will be provided for the accommodation conditions of refugees, for medical and psychological assistance. It should be noted that Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have already received a total of 248 million euros for the same purpose.

A European Commission spokesperson said today that the EU has so far provided €3.1 billion in military aid to Ukraine. This amount does not include support provided bilaterally by EU countries.

In response to a question about the possibility of future peace talks, the spokesperson clarified that the EU would support anyone who could influence the achievement of peace. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin must end the war as soon as possible.

The Commission today called on Russia to reconsider its decision and return to the export deal Ukrainian cereals across the Black Sea. According to Brussels, Moscow’s actions could lead to a worsening of the food crisis. The EU and the UN are coordinating their next decisions on this issue, the spokesperson said. He clarified that so far 29 million tons of goods have been transported through the so-called Sympathy Corridors from and to Ukraine.

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