Canadian passport holders among those able to travel to most visa-free countries, ranking reveals



Last updated on October 8, 2021

Canadian passports have a powerful impact by allowing those who hold them to travel to many countries visa-free, a ranking on the Passport Index reveals.

The Real-Time World Passport Rankings website considers a passport to be more powerful when it allows those who hold it to travel visa-free to many countries.

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According to this measure, Canadian passports are classified in the fifth group of countries, along with the United Kingdom, France, Malta, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Hungary and the United States.

Canadian passport holders can visit 97 countries visa-free

Canadian passport holders can travel visa-free to 97 countries and 45 others that only require a visa on arrival.

The high ratings given to Canadian passports by the filing service are echoed in the latest quarterly report from Henley & Partners, a London-based global company that provides citizenship and residency services.

It placed Canada in its eighth of the 26 most powerful visa groups in the world, a list representing 116 countries. According to Henley & Partners, Canada achieved a visa-free score of 184 in the fourth quarter of this year.

What are the most powerful passports in the world?

  1. Japan and Singapore (192)
  2. Germany, South Korea (190)
  3. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain (189)
  4. Austria and Denmark (188)
  5. France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden (187)
  6. Belgium, New Zealand and Switzerland (186)
  7. Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway, United Kingdom and United States (185)
  8. Australia and Canada (185)
  9. Hungary (183)
  10. Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia (182)

The so-called passport power of a country is indicative of its position among the largest and most developed nations in the world.

Canada’s passport consistently ranked among the most powerful in the world

Canada is consistently among the countries with the most powerful passports in the world. Visa-free access is seen as a measure of the freedom of citizens of a certain country.

When arriving in Canada, visa-exempt passport holders must obtain an electronic travel authorization prior to travel. It costs CA $ 7 and can be obtained online.

With nearly one in 20 Canadians holding more than one passport, Double nationality is clearly very common in Canada – but it may not be as well understood as it should be.

Although there is no certificate or official recognition of dual citizenship by the Canadian government, foreign nationals from 49 countries can also become Canadian citizens and retain their citizenship in their country of origin.

Keeping your original nationality can be a real asset in many cases, including when traveling. When a Canadian also has the citizenship of the other country to which they are traveling, it is no longer necessary to obtain a visitor visa. The same goes for the costs associated with obtaining this visa.

Dual citizenship also comes with benefits and obligations

A Canadian with dual citizenship can visit their other country without spending weeks or months trying to get a visa.

This is a great advantage.

One thing to note, however, is that even dual Canadian citizens must present their Canadian passport when boarding a flight to Canada. The only exception to this rule is dual US-Canadian citizenship.

Dual citizens also have a legal obligation to obey all laws regarding military service, the public education system, and the payment of taxes. Being a citizen of more than one country can also be a problem for those who wish to work for the government of either country in a capacity requiring high level security clearance.

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