Capgemini expands cyber defense network with new center in Poland



Capgemini has opened a new Cyber ​​Defense Center (CDC) in Eastern Europe, in Poland, thus expanding the Group’s CDC network. This new CDC in Poland builds on Capgemini’s global expertise in high-end services focused on data protection and threat intelligence to help organizations, in Europe and globally, to secure their processes. digital and cloud transformation, to improve IT resources and operational security. As the first Capgemini CDC of its kind in Eastern Europe, the facility will play a key role in protecting critical infrastructure in the region, as well as those of a global nature.

Capgemini’s Eastern Europe CDC will focus on securing infrastructure systems across multiple industries. Capgemini experts will support end-to-end projects, from the transition and migration of cybersecurity processes, through system configuration and project handover to ongoing support aimed at protecting data, assets and the identities of organizations. To maximize analyst efficiency, reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR), and enable cost-effective scale-up, the CDC is powered by cutting-edge technologies and solutions, such as cloud native security, artificial intelligence and machine learning integrated in addition to orchestration, for advanced hunting and investigation capabilities.

“To protect our customers’ data and assets against evolving threats, Capgemini’s cyber defense centers are designed to equip businesses with the best components and resources they need to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents. Powered by innovative solutions, Capgemini’s pools of certified cybersecurity experts around the world provide clients with enhanced resilience and comprehensive intelligence to secure their critical infrastructures, ”said Geert van der Linden, Cybersecurity Business Lead at Capgemini.

New Cyber ​​Defense Center in Poland Completes Capgemini’s Offer existing network of thirteen CDCs, including the CDC of Asturias (Spain) specializing in cloud and industrial solutions, the CDC of Inverness (United Kingdom) specializing in pharmaceutical solutions and forensics, the CDC of Bangalore and Mumbai (India), which is the largest in the Group and also includes Identity and Access Management (IAM), the San Diego CDC (NA), as well as satellite CDCs in major regions such as Australia (Melbourne) and Europe (Paris in France; Utrecht in the Netherlands). These CDCs support Capgemini’s delivery capabilities in managed security services by providing a local and regional presence, with a commitment to share knowledge and information on global cybersecurity trends, threats and the most effective response. . Like the other CDCs in the global network, the new center will work alongside several specialist partners under the global agreements in place with Capgemini.

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