Capital Park SA: The Polish Apple Museum at the Norblin Factory


1,500 exhibits related to the development and evolution of Apple products – the world’s most recognizable technology brand – will appear in the creative and interactive Apple Museum of Poland in the revitalized Norblin factory complex. The area of ​​320 sqm. will contain the world’s most comprehensive and largest collection featuring computers, laptops, accessories, phones, software, peripherals, media with unique Apple hardware, posters and commemorative gadgets. The exhibition will open this fall.

Until now, the museum was operating in a temporary headquarters in Piaseczno. However, due to the sheer size of the collection, its owner was looking for a new location to host an exhibit that would guide visitors through the timeline, showcasing all of Apple’s products and development stages in chronological order.

The choice of our new location was not accidental. The Norblin Factory seems to be the most electrifying lifestyle center in this part of Europe. It is a place with magical cultural and social potential. A place where the spirit of the extraordinary history of Polish industry hovers, enclosed in a unique modernist-classical architecture. The Norblin Factory is the quintessence of tomorrow’s mix from yesterday. It’s exactly like the Apple brand – says Jacek Łupina, owner of Apple Museum Poland. We decided to work with Capital Park because the unique approach of the entire team at the company allows us to believe that we are dealing with an organization where understanding, sensitivity to the needs of the tenant and the ability to see the potential. in non-obvious contexts are important. – he adds.

The Japko company is responsible for the production and marketing of the exhibition.

– We have decided, together with our business partners, that it is our duty to present these unique collections to the widest possible audience. We want the exhibition to fit into contemporary exhibition models. We would like it to show the development of ideas in technology so that everyone can see the progress that we have experienced as humanity. We also want to show the sources and directions of civilization, but most importantly, we want to show visitors the real core of tech pop culture. We are going to create a multimedia space in a way that allows people to experience this exhibition, not just to see it – declares Krzysztof Grochowski, Chairman of the Management Board of Japko sp. zoo

The exhibits and the interactive narrative built around them will encourage the exhibition visitor to interact, but at the same time they will await its movement. Thanks to a network of sensors, the exhibition will offer new objects of interest to visitors. The transfer of information with the use of audiovisual communication techniques, graphic codes, modern design and above all interactions will encourage the viewer more and more to immerse themselves in subsequent scenes and time-spaces built around the collections. of the Apple brand. Each of the devices will be shown in an unusual way, in a created and condensed audiovisual space. The use of scenography, lights, animation, sound, cartography and computer graphics will give the viewer the opportunity to interact with the object in a unique environment, full of social and cultural contexts and easy-to-understand technical information. The real treasure of the exhibition is a faithful and working replica of the first Apple-1 computer, which was made by the owner of the museum with the help of sponsors and a group of volunteers. It has an authentic signature from Apple co-founder – Steve Wozniak – on the motherboard and manual. The replica will be the starting point for the visitors’ journey through the museum. The exhibits also include models known for their interesting role in racing and technological development. Visitors will also discover devices known to fail and prototypes that have not been put into mass production. The vast majority of them are operational or under restoration, and visitors will be able to touch, test and experience them under the watchful eye of a curator.

A real treat is brewing for enthusiasts of the Apple brand and fans of technology. The colorful apple has become the most recognizable symbol in pop culture, and the company’s revolutionary devices forever changed widely understood visual culture and the design of electronic products. We are delighted that alongside the Norblin Factory Museum, which will tell the story of this place and the flourishing veneer industry in the past, there will be another exhibition that will provide us with modern technological ideas in an accessible form, as well as the characteristic design and all the philosophy for which Apple is known. The Apple Museum Poland will undoubtedly be a unique place and will enrich the cultural and entertainment offer of the Norblin Factorysays Kinga Nowakowska, Board Member and Chief Operating Officer of Capital Park.

The revitalization of the Norblin Factory, located in the heart of Warsaw’s Wola district, is nearing completion and the Factory will be available to visitors in September. It will offer 65,000 m². of floor space, with offices occupying 41,000 m². A + space, and with the remaining 24,000 m². filled with entertainment, culture, food, service and retail concepts. The commercial part of the Norblin factory will include, for example, BioBazar (1,800 m²) – the first market in Poland offering only organic products, a food hall with thematic sections and 26 original restaurant concepts (3,200 m²). There will also be restaurants and bars, such as Blue Cactus Restaurant & Bar, Soul Food and Piano Bar with live music. The office part of the complex will also house tenants such as (16,200 m²), the Global Business Services Center Japan Tobacco International (8,500 m²) and ISS World Service (4,000 m²). The revitalized space will also become a cultural destination, thanks to concepts such as KinoGram, a boutique cinema with 7 projection rooms for a total of 620 people (3,300 m²), with the substantial support of the Polish Directors Guild. The Norblin Factory will also host the first fully interactive and digital art gallery in Poland – ART BOX Experience, occupying almost 800 m².

Capital Park Group is the investor and initiator of the revitalization of the Norblin plant. PRC Architekci is responsible for the architectural design, Warbud SA is the general contractor, cooperating with companies such as Soletanche Polska, Maat4 and TKT Engineering. Monument Service oversees all monument conservation work.


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