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The United States House of Representatives committee said on Friday that the Trump Organization, the company of former President Donald Trump, was hiding millions of dollars in fees from foreign governments that it paid at its downtown hotel. city ​​of Washington.

The hotel grossed $ 70 million. Losses during Trump’s tenure, despite foreign governments paying $ 3.7 million for hotel services, which is a conflict of interest given that the current president was also the owner, has writes the Associated Press, citing experts.

The financial problems of the former president of the United States

Due to the hotel’s losses, Trump was forced to ask Deutsche Bank to temporarily halt loan repayments. The congressional committee noted that the suspension was “undisclosed preferential treatment (by the bank)” of the customer.

The Trump Organization has been trying to sell the 263-room hotel since 2019, but no buyers have yet been found, reports the Associated Press.

See: United States of America. Donald Trump is not on the richest list. 600 million were lost during the pandemic

In July, New York State authorities charged Trump with tax evasion in the amount of PLN 900,000. dollar.

Trump compared the actions of the New York attorney general’s office against the Trump organization to political persecution in communist countries.


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Global Commercial HVAC Market 2021 with Pre-Post COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Product (Central HVAC Systems, DX HVAC Systems); By application (retail, office building, hotel, restaurant industry, bank, data center, others) https://warsawshotel.com/global-commercial-hvac-market-2021-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-central-hvac-systems-dx-hvac-systems-by-application-retail-office-building-hotel-restaurant-industry-bank/ https://warsawshotel.com/global-commercial-hvac-market-2021-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-central-hvac-systems-dx-hvac-systems-by-application-retail-office-building-hotel-restaurant-industry-bank/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 07:15:52 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/global-commercial-hvac-market-2021-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-central-hvac-systems-dx-hvac-systems-by-application-retail-office-building-hotel-restaurant-industry-bank/

Comprehensive Information Presented in the Global Commercial HVAC Market Report

Contour: Market Research Store’s team of experienced research analysts extensively assessed primary and secondary information related to the global Commercial HVAC market. The organization offers a bunch of industry trend reports on the portal, the recently released report of which is the Global Report Commercial HVAC market report. The editors of the Commercial HVAC report have particularly focused on research-based services to deliver crucial information to business executives and investors. Using this essential knowledge can help make precise business decisions.

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Key players:

Competitive participants operating in the global commercial HVAC market include My Comfort, United Technologies (Carrier), DomoSOS Chauffage, Nortek, Trane Belgium, Daikin Europe, Ibeautherm, Ingersoll-Rand, LG HVAC, JD Sanitaire, Lennox International, Brooze et Fils Chauffage, Plombier Bruxelles Service, Johnson Controls, Reznor HVAC.

Some important tables of contents:

Market Snapshot
Global Market Landscape by Player
Player Profiles
World production, revenue (value), price trend by type
Market Analysis by Application
Global production, consumption, export, import by region (2016-2026)
Production, Revenue (Value) by Region (2016-2026)
Manufacturing analysis
Industrial chain, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers
Market dynamics
Global Market Forecast (2021-2027)
Research findings and conclusion

COVID-19 impact analysis:

The brutal pandemic (COVID-19) has induced long-term impacts on the performance of almost all sectors around the world. Considering a splendid drop in stocks of multinational and local industries during the year 2020, the founders and managers of their respective companies must make wise decisions in order to fight against such drastic situations, which can lead to the shutdown of industries. .

Request a pre and post Covid-19 impact analysis on companies: https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/commercial-hvac-market-787223

Basic Offerings in Commercial HVAC Report: Market Research Store offers comprehensive information on the global Commercial HVAC market including market capitalization, year-over-year revenue, global and regional production scale, and after-sales services. Other key highlights presented in a separate section of the Commercial HVAC Market report are quarterly and annual tax data, overall sales, current and futuristic business opportunities, and new regulations set by various state authorities. All of the aforementioned points accessible in the global Commercial HVAC market report are crucial for forecasting the market performance over the next five years. The publishing team is focused on instilling all the crucial information related to the performance of the global Commercial HVAC market.

Global Commercial HVAC Market Analysis: To illustrate the market analysis in a detailed and understandable way, market research analysts have divided the global commercial HVAC market into credible segments {Central HVAC Systems, DX HVAC Systems}; {Retail Industry, Office Building, Hotel, Restaurant Industry, Bank, Data Center, Others}. Such comprehensive analysis based on commercial HVAC market segmentation would help potential clients to create an industry or invest in which department of commercial HVAC sector. Experts have used various hypothetical and practical approaches such as mathematical, statistical and graphical techniques to predict market performance. Additionally, the report describes the assessment data by segmenting the commercial HVAC market on the basis of geography of United States, Canada, and Mexico North America, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and the rest of South America as part of South America, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Rest of Europe in Europe, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, rest of Asia-Pacific ( APAC) in Asia Pacific (APAC), South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, Egypt, Rest of Middle East and Africa.

For an additional revised list of market players in 2020, request a sample report: https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/commercial-hvac-market-787223

Main questions addressed in this report:

• What is the expected size and growth rate of the market during the forecast period?
• What are the major market trends?
• What are the major driving factors for the global commercial HVAC market?
• What are the constraints encountered by the HVAC Commercial market?
• Who are the main players in the commercial HVAC market?
• What are the market opportunities and challenges that major players face to maintain themselves on the global platform?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the main players?
• Which regions are best suited for the development of the Commercial HVAC industry?

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Reasons to Buy Commercial HVAC Market Research:

• The development of business strategies is discussed taking into account the ongoing trends driving the global commercial HVAC industry.
• The identification of the predominant production and distribution techniques is listed with the equivalent risks.
• Production techniques are listed that will help improve product design, reduce production costs, and improve product launch plans.
• Organized sales and marketing efforts are identified taking into account the strategies employed by the major players in the commercial HVAC market.
• Verified financial reports from proprietary sources are provided to make identical decisions for greater increase in business value.

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Dubrovačko Primorje sees five times more tourists in September than last year https://warsawshotel.com/dubrovacko-primorje-sees-five-times-more-tourists-in-september-than-last-year/ https://warsawshotel.com/dubrovacko-primorje-sees-five-times-more-tourists-in-september-than-last-year/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 12:58:33 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/dubrovacko-primorje-sees-five-times-more-tourists-in-september-than-last-year/

At the end of September, in the Dubrovačko Primorje region, another successful month ended in terms of tourism results. Thus, in September, 3,029 tourists stayed in the Dubrovačko Primorje area and made 23,348 overnight stays, which, compared to September 2020, is 5 times more arrivals and 4 times more overnight stays.

Regarding the comparison of the total overnight stays in September with the total overnight stays in September 2019, 80% were achieved. 13,021 nights were spent in hotel accommodation, i.e. 73% compared to September 2019, while 8,286 nights were spent in private accommodation, or 85% compared to overnight stays in September 2019.

Since the start of the year, 128,962 overnight stays have been made in the Dubrovačko Primorje region, which corresponds to 70% of the same period in 2019.

The most numerous tourists in hotel accommodation since the beginning of the year were from: Germany, Poland, France, Great Britain and Croatia, while in private accommodation the most numerous tourists were from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Croatia. .

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Rabe launches a roadshow – The Namibian https://warsawshotel.com/rabe-launches-a-roadshow-the-namibian/ https://warsawshotel.com/rabe-launches-a-roadshow-the-namibian/#respond Mon, 04 Oct 2021 08:18:36 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/rabe-launches-a-roadshow-the-namibian/

The Miss Supranational Namibia team kicked off the 2021 Miss Supranational national victory and homecoming roadshow at the Am Weinberg Boutique hotel in Windhoek on Thursday.

At the launch, Chanique Rabe, Miss Supranational 2021, was accompanied by Gerhard von Lepinski, president of Miss Supranational, and André Sleigh, creative director of the contest.

The roadshow will continue until October 10.

The team visited Hope Village, an orphanage in Katutura on Friday.

Rabe has a sewing school called the Junior Sewing School at the orphanage, which equips students with the skills to become tailors once they are enrolled.

Miss Supranational Namibia national director Willem Fourie said the tour will introduce Namibia to the world.

“It’s a real joyful occasion for us to have Von Lepinski and Sleigh here in Namibia. They have never been here before. We know our journey with them will be fruitful, ”said Fourie.

Rabe said she was honored to have the contect team in Namibia and looked forward to showing them across the country.

She said she was proud to show them her sewing school.

“People who know me will already know that wherever I go, I always make sure everyone knows where I’m from. My projects are close to my heart. Seeing how hard these kids work really inspires me, ”Rabe said.

Von Lepinski said that Miss Supranational is unique and inspires others.

“Competitions are not all about a beautiful face. You have to be able to inspire. We are proud of Chani’s plans and would like to support her as much as possible, ”he said.

Sleigh said the brand of the competition changed two years ago.

“We have created a new slogan: ‘Aspire to inhale before you breathe out’. The winner doesn’t have to be selfish. . . They have to give something back. They have to have goals and push to be better all the time. We are looking for someone who is real and doesn’t put on a false face. Generosity is something you cannot fake, ”he said.

Rabe was crowned winner of the 12th Miss Supranational Pageant on August 21 in Poland.

She won the crown of 58 competitors from around the world.

Rabe’s victory marked the first time that Namibia, or an African country, had won the Miss Supranational pageant.

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Is IBF and IBO Intermediate World Champion Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin respected enough? Boxing News 24 https://warsawshotel.com/is-ibf-and-ibo-intermediate-world-champion-gennadiy-ggg-golovkin-respected-enough-boxing-news-24/ https://warsawshotel.com/is-ibf-and-ibo-intermediate-world-champion-gennadiy-ggg-golovkin-respected-enough-boxing-news-24/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 01:30:22 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/is-ibf-and-ibo-intermediate-world-champion-gennadiy-ggg-golovkin-respected-enough-boxing-news-24/

Through Ken Hissner: This writer wants to know if the IBF and IBO middleweight world champion Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin is respected enough?

Granted, “GGG” is my favorite boxer, but if he had gotten a well-deserved decision on September 16, 2017, instead of a draw with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, would we call Alvarez the No.1 P4P? today?

Just before Alvarez’s first fight, ‘GGG’ saw his twenty-three consecutive elimination streak stopped by Danny ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs, 32-1, on March 18, 2017, in a close fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. York. It was even closer than Alvarez’s verdict with scores of 114-113 and 115-112, twice retaining his WBA, WBC and IBF titles, improving his record to 37-0.

In “Canelo” ‘s first fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, judge Adalaide Byrd had him 118-110 for “Canelo” and, if he was right, received a suspension. 30 days instead of a lifetime suspension. David Moretti had it 115-113 ‘GGG’ while Don Trella scored it 114-114 which was bad enough.

“Canelo” ran the last seven laps after feeling the punching power of “GGG”, and if the latter had raced they would have called him “Chicken!” While Canelo was inactive for a year, ‘GGG’ made a defense on May 5, 2018, knocking out top Armenian contender Vanes ‘Nightmare’ Martirosyan, 36-3-1, in 2 rounds.

On September 15, 2018, the rematch took place again at the T-Mobile Arena with “Canelo”. Although www.boxrec.com claims that Abel Sanchez was still the coach of ‘GGG’ if I remember correctly, there was a dispute over the money, and Sanchez was replaced by Jonathan Banks.

Either way, instead of ‘GGG’ remaining his normal boxer-puncher style, he decided to box with little oomph. The result, which could have been a draw, ended with Judge Glenn Feldman having 114-114 Dave Moretti judging their first fight now reversing his score to 115-113 for ‘Canelo’ and Steve Weisfeld with the same score of 115-113 for ‘Canelo’ whose record improved to 50-1-2.

In this writer’s opinion, ‘Canelo’ rose to the top to win the world titles at # 168 and # 175 to avoid a third meeting with ‘GGG’ while giving Danny Jacobs his only defense at 160 between them. ! Jacobs? Why not ‘GGG’ who had defeated Jacobs?

After the loss to ‘Canelo’, ‘GGG’ the following June knocked out Canadian Steve Rolls, 19-0, in 4 rounds at Madison Square Garden. Four months later, he won the vacant IBF and IBO titles by beating Ukrainian Sergiy Derevyanchenko, 13-1, by scores of 115-112 twice and 114-113. The loser’s only previous loss was a split decision for Jacobs.

At 37, the reports were “Is GGG getting old?” It is reported on wiki box rec that he was 345-5 among amateurs with an Olympic silver medal in 2004. So that’s been quite a few fights so far.

Gennady Golovkin

It would take fourteen months before “GGG” fights again on December 18, 2020 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., Stopping Polish Kamil Szeremeta, 21-0, in 7 rounds. It was his last game.

‘GGG’ is set to meet in December with WBA middleweight champion Japan’s Ryota Murata, 16-2, who won his title in December 2019 but has not fought since. In May of this year, WBA Super Welterweight Champion Erislandy ‘The American Dream’ Lara knocked out Thomas ‘Cornflake’ Lamanna in the first round, heralded as the vacant WBA middleweight title. So I’m assuming ‘GGG’ will take on Murata, who won’t have the WBA title at the time of the fight.

The IBF lists unranked numbers 1 and 2, with number 3 being Patrick Wojcicki, 14-0-1, of Germany, who has not fought since November 2019. He defended his IBF Inter-Continental title in his previous struggle. Jaime Munguia, ranked No.4, 37-0, is said to have fought “GGG”, but is expected to fight Gabe “King” Rosado in November, which “GGG” stopped in January 2013 at Madison Square Garden, where this writer covered. this.

This writer had the pleasure of speaking with both Rosado and “GGG” prior to this fight. First of all, Rosado in his hometown of Philly, I wondered why being one of the top contenders at 154, he would come up to face ‘GGG’, and he said, ‘If I beat GGG, I will be a superstar! I was like, “You don’t beat GGG!” He had a good turn for ‘GGG’ but otherwise took a beating. When the fight was stopped in the seventh round, oddly enough, Rosado ran into a corner and jumped on the ropes with his hands high! I asked a fellow writer in Philly, “Did he know he’s lost?”

My pre-fight call to one of the training partners for ‘GGG’ was Dhafir ‘No Fear’ Smith from Philly, who was in a second camp with him “How are you?” He replied, “He hits like a heavyweight!” I then asked about other Philly’s training partner Farah Ennis, a future NABF Super Middle champion who was there at camp. Ennis replied: “He’s screwing me up!” I understand he did better at the end of the camp.

So whether it’s Murata in December or whoever it is, I hope to see the 41-1-1 with 36 saves IBF & IBO middleweight world champion improve with another win at 39 over a competitor from high level ! So, let’s pay “respect” to a champion in and out of the ring who is simply called “GGG” for everything he has given to boxing since May 2006, when he made his debut!

]]> https://warsawshotel.com/is-ibf-and-ibo-intermediate-world-champion-gennadiy-ggg-golovkin-respected-enough-boxing-news-24/feed/ 0 COVID-19 Delayed Chopin Piano Competition Opens in Poland | National / World https://warsawshotel.com/covid-19-delayed-chopin-piano-competition-opens-in-poland-national-world/ https://warsawshotel.com/covid-19-delayed-chopin-piano-competition-opens-in-poland-national-world/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 12:37:49 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/covid-19-delayed-chopin-piano-competition-opens-in-poland-national-world/

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – A gala concert on Saturday opens the 18th edition of the prestigious Frédéric Chopin International Piano Competition, which has been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The contest from October 2 to 23 was scheduled for October 2020, but authorities postponed the popular event expecting social distancing requirements to prohibit the usual crowds of fans from attending auditions at the National Philharmonic Hall of Fame. Warsaw.

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kAm% 96C6 H: == 36? @ 4 @> A6E: E: @? 2F5: E: @? D ~ 4E]`f[ E@ 2==@H E96 A2CE:4:A2?ED 2?5 E96 ;FCJ E@ 2EE6?5 EC25:E:@?2= @3D6CG2?46D @7 r9@A:?VD 562E9 2??:G6CD2CJ]k ^ Am

kAm% 96 2F5: E: @? D 42? 36 7 @ == @ H65 =: G6 @? E96 k2 9C67lQr9 @ A:? A_a_]A = Qmr9 @ A 😕 x? DE: EFE6 * @ F% F36 492 ?? 6 = k ^ 2m 2? 5 @? k2 9C67lQHHH]<@?

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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A fight at the hotel before a Fame MMA concert. “I was kicked in the back” https://warsawshotel.com/a-fight-at-the-hotel-before-a-fame-mma-concert-i-was-kicked-in-the-back/ https://warsawshotel.com/a-fight-at-the-hotel-before-a-fame-mma-concert-i-was-kicked-in-the-back/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 03:56:03 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/a-fight-at-the-hotel-before-a-fame-mma-concert-i-was-kicked-in-the-back/

The next MMA’s fame 11 party will take place on Saturday October 2 at the Arena Gliwice. walk ± Tonight will be a duel for former KSW federation champion in Boris Mankowski’s welterweight division with UFC veteran Norman Park. In addition, at the party we will see a whole galaxy of the most famous trade union stars in Poland. The octagon will include, among others, Marcin Dobell, Sylwister Wardega and Philippe “Felebec” Marcinek.

See the video
Szpilka vs. Adamek in MMA replay? “I’d rather see them on display now.”

Another fight with “Ferrari” in the title role. Hot atmosphere before Fame MMA 11

Every Fame Party MMA There are great feelings and a high temperature between the players. There are often tensions and quarrels between them, not only verbally, but also physically. One of the Federation stars who usually makes a lot of noise around him is Amadeus. “Ferrari” Roślik. It was no different this time at a hotel in Gliwice.

Where and when do you watch Fame MMA 11? [TRANSMISJA, KARTA WALK]

Ferrari was supposed to face another Fame Galas contestant in the hallway of the MMA hotel – Alan Kwieciński, best known for his appearance on the popular reality show “Warsaw Shore”. Alan walked over and stood in my way. I said I never stray from anyone. We touched the shoulders, I continued… I was kicked in the back – Amadeus Rolik told the whole story in an interview with Al Bawaba Mma.pl.

Rolick’s father was one of the witnesses to the whole event. – My father is 58, but he’s going to jump after me into the fire. I didn’t even have time to answer, and my father immediately rushed over to Alan. So as not to hit him, he just pulled him a few yards, dragged him to the hotel, put him against the wall and said, “What have you done? – He said “Ferrari”. – I gave him a bomb in the head, I avoided his blow. He added that he had a drink under his eyes, not just between his legs.

Kwieciński has yet to speak on the matter, but Wojciech Gola, one of the owners of Fame MMA, has. Such behavior is unacceptable. We haven’t spoken to Alan and Amadeus yet, we’re not quite sure what happened as one says it started and the other says it. Luckily, Amadeus ended up fighting and he didn’t suffer a serious injury. Alan is still our player, but such situations do not work in his favor – said Gula in an interview with the portal Fansportu.pl.

FAME MMA 11 is coming tomorrow! Where are you watching the concert? Complete battle card [STREAM]

Alan Kwieciński is not included in the fame of the MMA 11 party fight card. We will see Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik playing against rapper Filip “Filip” Marcinek.

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Australia to end Covid-19 travel ban https://warsawshotel.com/australia-to-end-covid-19-travel-ban/ https://warsawshotel.com/australia-to-end-covid-19-travel-ban/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 07:01:00 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/australia-to-end-covid-19-travel-ban/ SYDNEY – Australia plans to start reopening its international border in November, ending one of the world’s toughest travel bans during pandemic times as authorities pass attempt to suppress Covid -19 to life with her.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said travel restrictions would be lifted for Australian citizens and fully vaccinated permanent residents, who could leave and return to the country without seeking permission, as required now. They will also be allowed to quarantine themselves at home for seven days, while current rules require returning travelers to pay thousands of dollars to quarantine themselves in government-run hotels or camps for two weeks.

Travel restrictions for international students, skilled migrants and possibly tourists would be relaxed later. Mr Morrison said it could happen next year, maybe sooner, for some of these groups.

“Now is the time to bring Australians back to life,” said Morrison.

Australia has largely closed its border to tourists and banned its citizens from leaving for the past 18 months, although people who needed to travel urgently for personal or business reasons can apply for an exemption. The government has also limited the number of citizens who can return, given the limited capacity of its hotel quarantine system, making it difficult for some expatriates to return. An experience with a travel bubble with New Zealand has been frequently disrupted by Covid-19 outbreaks.

Mr Morrison said the easing of the border closure was in line with the country’s four-step Covid-19 exit strategy, which Australian state leaders agreed to earlier in the year. The plan calls for the resumption of international travel from the third stage, when 80% of the adult population will be fully immunized.

Mr Morrison said nearly 80% of the adult population has received one dose of the vaccine and 55% have received two. The threshold of 80% fully vaccinated is expected to be reached next month, triggering the restart of international travel, he said.

Unvaccinated Australians would still be subject to restrictions even when the 80% threshold is reached, including a requirement to quarantine in government hotels and a cap on the number of people allowed to enter the country.

Travel restrictions could ease earlier in some parts of the country than in others, depending on the pace of vaccination and whether heads of state feel comfortable opening their borders. Leaders in Queensland and Western Australia, where there is little community transmission of the virus, have said they may wait longer to allow unrestricted travel until more people can be vaccinated.

“Now is the time to bring Australians back to life,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.


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Health experts have acknowledged that the strict border closures helped prevent the spread of the virus early in the pandemic. But border closures have not been able to completely stop the highly infectious Delta variant of the virus. The delta epidemics in recent months have infected tens of thousands of Australians and killed dozens. Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, and its capital, Canberra, are battling epidemics and are on lockdown to save time for more people to get vaccinated.

The vaccine rollout in Australia got off to a slow start due to supply chain issues and concerns about rare blood clots associated with the AstraZeneca PLC vaccine, which, unlike others, could be made in Australia. But the rollout has accelerated in recent weeks after Australia received additional doses of the Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech SE vaccine from countries including Poland, Singapore and the UK.

Australia’s travel ban has resulted in billions of dollars in losses to its airlines, including major carrier Qantas Airways Ltd.

, while the country’s No.2 carrier, Virgin Australia, filed the equivalent of bankruptcy last year. Thousands of airline employees are still on leave. The ban has also devastated Australia’s tourism sector, a major industry in parts of the country.

The reopening of the borders is coming sooner than expected. Qantas had been selling international tickets since mid-December, assuming border restrictions would not be relaxed by then. On Friday, the airline said it would advance the restart of flights from Sydney to London and Los Angeles to November 14.

“This faster reboot is fantastic news,” said Qantas Managing Director Alan Joyce. “It also means we can get more of our people back to work, sooner. “

Others said more should be done to revive the travel industry. The International Air Transport Association, a group of airlines, said the need for quarantine, even at home, should be removed for vaccinated travelers who test negative before leaving for Australia. Many analysts say it could be years before international travel to Australia reaches pre-pandemic levels.

“The resumption of international travel will be reduced and limited when the quarantine remains,” said Philip Goh, IATA regional vice president for Asia-Pacific. “A number of large states – the United States, Canada, European states – have lifted quarantine requirements for international arrivals. Australia needs to work towards a similar approach.

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I was shocked by the TVN show. Everything came out! https://warsawshotel.com/i-was-shocked-by-the-tvn-show-everything-came-out/ https://warsawshotel.com/i-was-shocked-by-the-tvn-show-everything-came-out/#respond Wed, 29 Sep 2021 22:28:16 +0000 https://warsawshotel.com/i-was-shocked-by-the-tvn-show-everything-came-out/

A hot start to the week at the Paradise Hotel. Fitnesska Wiktoria Gąsior learned the painful truth about one of her friends on the show.


Instagram / Hotel Paradise / In the photo: Wiktoria Gąsior

Its events take place in the Fourth Edition of “Hotel Paradise”, which airs Monday through Friday on TVN 7. Almost before every Paradise show (after which a person is eliminated), feelings peak. There is a lot going on, for example, around Wiktoria Gąsior, one of the most popular fitness clubs in Poland.

The athlete was not on the program from the start. She joined him after several episodes and was not fully received by the group. Many participants accuse the fitness club of dishonesty in their relations with their partner Miłosz, with whom they formed a couple at the Paradise Hotel.

One not-so-positive article about Victoria Gossore is Claudia Cardel, known at the hotel as “Launo”. During the monologues of the following episodes, she does not hide that she would like to say goodbye to the woman of physics during one of the celestial tournaments.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsport: Fierce battles. It was meant to be a quiet game

Meanwhile, in the same hotel, during conversations with Wiktoria Gąsior, “Launo” behaves differently. From the side, you may even feel like two best friends are talking to each other. However, Vytenska suspected something, and during the last oracle in Heaven, she directly asked: “Is Laono talking to me behind my back?”.

The Oracle of Heaven is the moment when program participants ask Klaudia El Dorsi a question and learn the truth about other hotel residents. And only on Monday, Victoria Gessiore was a bit shocked when athlete Claudia Drissi confirmed that Launo was talking about her behind her back.

The whole thing was very commented on by the Net surfers, who wrote in an Instagram post: “I finally understood, maybe you will finally understand who you are not talking to! , “I’m sorry for this Victoria”, “If they had, I had released all the scenes when I mentioned it, the episode would have disappeared” – commented netizens.

It will be very hot when one of the contestants says goodbye to the show in the hand of heaven. Victoria Jessior already knows she can’t trust Launo.

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BRUSSELS – The executive branch of the European Union on Wednesday proposed to tighten visa restrictions for members of President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime as allegations mount that Belarus is using migrants to destabilize the bloc of 27 countries.

EU members Poland and Lithuania are struggling to cope with unusually high numbers of migrants, most from Iraq and Afghanistan, arriving at their borders with Belarus in recent months. Poland has deployed troops and declared a state of emergency. Dozens attempted to cross Lithuania overnight.

The influx of migrants began a year ago after the EU imposed sanctions on Lukashenko’s government in the August 2020 presidential election, which the West sees as rigged, and the security crackdown on it. opposition and the peaceful protesters that followed.

Now, the European Commission wants EU member countries to consider suspending parts of a “visa facilitation agreement” with Belarus that entered into force in July 2020. The agreement aimed to improve ties and to bring the former Soviet country closer to Europe.

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The proposal would hit Belarusian officials, including members of the government, lawmakers, diplomats and senior court officials. This would increase the paperwork associated with travel and require them to provide additional documents and pay more for visas.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson called Lukashenko “really desperate” and claimed he was even trying to make money from migrants who can afford to pay 10,000 euros (around $ 11,650) to get to Belarus.

“He is trying to destabilize the European Union by bringing in migrants, facilitating them and pushing them into the European Union,” Johansson told reporters as she announced the visa proposal. “It’s a way for Lukashenko to make money as well.”

“He is actually tricking people into paying a lot of money just to be tricked and duped,” she said, citing reports from police and EU border agencies. The migrants are accommodated in a “very nice hotel in Minsk”, she said, and helped at the border, but are then trapped when they cannot enter the EU.

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But the committee is also concerned about developments along the Polish border. The government wants to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days. Johansson will travel to Warsaw on Thursday for talks with Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski.

Around 1,400 people who entered Poland without authorization are held in detention centers for foreigners. The nationalist government alleges that some migrants have links to terrorist and criminal groups and pose a security threat.

Polish authorities are also sending text messages to cell phones in the border area. “The Polish border is sealed. The authorities of BLR (Belarus) have told you lies. Return to Minsk! Do not take pills from Belarusian soldiers. https://tiny.pl/9rq4b ”read the posts.

A link to the Interior Ministry website explains in English, Arabic, French, Russian and Polish that the border with Belarus is heavily guarded and that crossing it “illegally and destroying border security measures may result in punishment. of imprisonment ”.

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When asked if she supports the extension of the state of emergency at the border, where at least six migrants have died and around 600 border guards backed by around 2,500 troops are stationed, Johansson pointed out importance of ‘transparency’ and respect for EU law and values.

“It is important that we stand firm with Lukashenko, but it is also important that we show that this is a European border. It’s not just a Polish border, ”she said.

In Lithuania, overnight, 63 people were denied entry to Belarus in the largest number of single-day migrant arrivals this month, the interior ministry said. The Baltic country has been a prime target for Lukashenko since key Belarusian opposition figures fled there last year.

More than 4,000 people have tried to cross the border since August. Lithuania has started building a fence along its 678 kilometer (424 mile) border with Belarus and hopes to complete it by April 2022.

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Monika Scislowska reported from Warsaw, Poland. Liudas Dapkus contributed to this report from Vilnius, Lithuania.


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