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Wearing certain clothes could get you banned from a flight much to the surprise of most travelers. In recent years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, whether or not to wear a face mask has been the top question for most people when boarding a plane.

How many people stop to think about what else they’re wearing and how it might impact their trip. When dressing for a flight, most passengers think about comfort and what suits the weather at their destination.

However, it turns out there might be an in-flight dress code, most people won’t even think of reporting that the Echo of Liverpool. If you’re wearing something that violates unofficial airline dress code rules, you might find that you’re not allowed to board the flight.

While most airlines don’t have official rules, passengers have been known to be banned from flying due to their choice of attire. P People tend to go for comfort on a flight, especially a long haul flight, most airlines won’t appreciate it if you present yourself as “too scruffy”.

Most airlines don’t provide any official guidance on what their staff will consider appropriate flight attire, but as a general rule, avoiding looking scruffy can work in your favor. You should probably consider dressing “smart casual” when traveling, perhaps a t-shirt and jeans.

What not to wear on a flight

Since most airlines do not provide official guidance, it can be difficult to determine what they would consider unacceptable for a flight. If an outfit is deemed offensive to others, you may be asked to cover up or leave the flight.

Therefore, you should avoid any clothing with slogans that may be deemed offensive or contain foul language. Clothing can also be considered inappropriate, such as expecting to fly in beachwear.

While some airlines allow flip flops, others may not allow you on board. It should also be noted that sometimes the destination you are flying to can play a role.

If a country has specific local laws or customs regarding clothing, an airline can expect passengers to follow them before boarding. Check the rules for your destination and if you’re not sure, it’s worth contacting your tour operator or airline directly.

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