Coastal businesses hail heatwave as ‘a boon’

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Businesses in North Clare are hailing the heatwave as a ‘boon’ to local industry.

A yellow weather warning for high temperatures was officially issued for Clare today, with the mercury expected to exceed 27 degrees.

Crowds have flocked to Lahinch to bask in the glorious sunshine as Clare experiences its first August heat wave since 2006.

Tourists from as far away as America visit Clare’s north coast today, while Clare natives took the day off to enjoy the high temperatures while they last.

Others are already taking to the water, describing today’s conditions as perfect for surfing.

A seaside restaurant manager describes the good weather as a “boon” to local industry.

Mike Ball is operations manager of Randaddy’s restaurant in Lahinch.

He says the summer started late and quieter than other years.

Likewise, the water sports industry praises the heat wave for attracting tourists and visitors to the region.

Ben Bennett of Ben’s Surf Clinic in Lahinch says many businesses in the area have compared this year’s slower trade to the previous two summers when the surge in stays was prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ben believes the timing of this heat wave is crucial as many people are on annual leave this week.

The owner of one of Lahinch’s oldest businesses thinks this is the town’s only chance to prove he still gets his money’s worth.

A combination of the cost of living crisis, rising inflation and a shortage of hotel accommodation has led to companies linked to the hospitality sector being accused of inflating prices in some cases – notably on the cost of overnight stays or car rental costs. .

Donogh O’Loghlin of Sue’s on Main Street in Lahinch says local businesses are determined to protect the town’s reputation by keeping prices affordable.

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