Covid: PM calls for jab recall as cases exceed 50,000


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As we have reported, coronavirus cases are on the rise, frontline doctors say they are under tremendous pressure, and some healthcare workers say they are exhausted. But the British government says there is no reason to change course at the moment.

Switching to Plan B to fight the pandemic would involve relatively minor changes in people’s lives. This would mean mandatory masks on public transport and in stores, and / or tips for working from home.

So what is stopping the movement?

Ministers say the NHS is extremely busy, but they don’t think the pressure is unsustainable. There is still room and the country is in a much more positive position than it was last fall.

Even as the number of cases increases, the Covid vaccination program is limiting hospitalizations and deaths – and this is why speeding up access to booster vaccines for those over 50 and injections for young adolescents is a priority, as well as targeting the five million people who have so far refused a vaccine.

This will increase protection for the majority of the population over the coming months.

And with the increase in infections, the natural immunity to the virus also helps this process.

Predicting what will happen to cases is tricky. Cases could further flatten and fall or continue to rise to 100,000, as Health Secretary Sajid Javid warned on Wednesday.

In many countries in Europe the picture is much rosier and this is causing concern in the UK as a whole.

There is no specific trigger for Plan B – it is a call for wait-and-see judgment, and the UK government is still biding its time.

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