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Mumbai: Passengers can now enjoy comfortable accommodation at CSMT, where Central Railway (CR) has opened its first pod hotelwhich has small parts called capsules
Shivaji, CR Public Relations Manager sutar said: “There are 40 modules, including 30 singles, 6 doubles and 4 family modules. This stylish, air-conditioned accommodation, Pod Hotel, will offer complete privacy, mobile charging, cloakroom, fire alarm, intercom and luxury toilet and bathroom. The reservation of these pods can be done at the reception or online via a mobile application. Sutar said, “It’s located near CSMT’s long-distance lobby waiting room.”
CR had given the contract for the development and operation of the sleeping modules to Namah Enterprises for a licensing fee of around Rs 10 lakh per year for five years, and Railways will earn Rs.55.6 lakh. He said: “The railways provided 131.61 square meters to have all the modern facilities.” The first pod hotel was opened in the railway premises at Mumbai Central on Western Railway.
The pods are compact with a size of 6ft x 8ft each and therefore require less space, with a rich and sophisticated feel inside. It is also very economical from a capital investment perspective, as each module costs around Rs 7 lakh and can be placed on top of the other, thus taking up less space and allowing for more guests.
look Mumbai: Central Railway opens its first pod hotel at CSMT

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