Czechs now travel as much as before the pandemic


The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that this year’s summer tourist season shows that Czech citizens are returning to active travel at pre-COVID-19 levels.

The latest data provided by the ministry also shows that the most popular countries visited this year by Czech tourists are Croatia, Greece, Spain and Italy, reports.

“Croatia saw a record number of holidaymakers this year, with more than 870,000 Czechs visited between January and September, an increase of around a fifth on last year. Greece also saw success, where the Czech tourist interest nearly doubled to 450,000 visitors. read the report.

According to the ministry, after the well-known traditional destinations such as Spain, Italy, Egypt, Turkey or Bulgaria, in recent years citizens have shown great interest in Poland, which, in addition to holidays , also attracted them to shopping.

In this regard, Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský stressed that he feels happy that Czech citizens have resumed travel after COVID-19, adding that this is also good news regarding the economy and tourism.

“My colleagues in the consular service are doing an excellent job and I owe them thanks for the way they take care of Czech citizens abroad. We are now working intensively on digitizing our services, especially in the form of the DROZD mobile app,” he also noted.

As the ministry explains, this year the statistics of consular actions carried out during the summer season are practically equal to those of 2019.

On the other hand, the sad statistic is 139 deaths, which was unfortunately a record.

In addition, representative offices abroad issued 1266 replacement travel documents. At the same time, they dealt with the situation of 288 detained Czech citizens, and there were also 330 cases of Czech citizens who were victims of criminal activities abroad.

Based on this situation, 91 Czechs had to be hospitalized abroad, where in 90 cases a Czech citizen was involved in a traffic accident.

Vice-president of the legal and consular section, Martin Smolek, also said that consular offices were temporarily established in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Burgas, Bulgaria, Rijeka, Croatia and Split for this summer season as well.

In addition, Greece has sent police officers to help destinations exposed to tourism, such as Bulgaria and Croatia. By their presence, they contributed to the feeling of security of Czech tourists during their holidays, thus helping to overcome the language barrier.

Consular operations and information center operations also continued during this summer season, where operators had the opportunity to answer various travel-related questions.

Meanwhile, in the previous season, call center employees handled 35,000 calls.

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