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Almost a year after Dott initially announced plans to launch a bike-sharing service, the new offering is launched in Paris. Dott is best known for its scooter sharing service in dozens of European cities. She adds electric bicycles to complete her service.

In addition to Dott, Lime and Tier also have scooters currently available in Paris. These three companies have obtained permits to operate scooter sharing services with 5,000 scooters each. In addition to Paris, Dott is present in major European cities in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom

Dott originally planned to launch bike sharing with his own custom-designed bike in March 2021. The plan is taking longer than expected, but the company still plans to build its own bikes in Europe. In the meantime, Dott is teaming up with his existing scooter maker Okai.

The bikes are already online in the app in Paris. You can see scooters and bikes nearby, or you can filter the map view to focus specifically on bikes or scooters. Dott plans to deliver 3,000 electric bikes to Paris by the end of the year.

Renting a Dott electric bike costs as much as renting a scooter. The prices differ depending on the city. In Paris, for example, it costs € 1 to unlock a bicycle (or scooter) and € 0.23 per minute. There are also several passes that allow you to get unlimited rides for a certain time or waive the unlock fee. These passes work with scooters and e-bikes.

In Paris, Dott’s bike-sharing service competes with Lime, which acquired Jump’s e-bikes in a complicated investment deal with Uber. It costs € 1 to unlock a Lime electric bike and € 0.20 per minute. Pony also offers free-floating bikes for a third of Lime’s price.

And yet, Dott’s biggest competitor will be Vélib ‘, the self-service dockside bicycle service subsidized by the city of Paris. There are hundreds of thousands of Vélib ‘subscribers in Paris. Even with a free V-Libre account, users pay € 3 for an e-bike ride of 45 minutes or less. For comparison, riding a Dott electric bike for 20 minutes costs € 5.60.

But the price is only one thing because I’ve seen someone happily ride a Dott bike before. For example, some users will install Dott to unlock scooters and end up using bikes in addition to scooters. The startup also plans to launch its self-service bicycle service in Rome, Milan, Brussels and London. These bikes are equipped with an exchangeable battery and the fleet will be operated by the same internal logistics teams.

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