Dutch court asks for details of meeting where Daniel Kinahan was almost arrested in Dubai


A Dutch court has asked for details of a meeting in Dubai that almost led to the mistaken arrest of Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan two years ago.

he trials of a number of Mocro Mafia leaders – including Mafia boss Ridouan Taghi – are currently taking place under tight security in Amsterdam.

Taghi is one of the main members of a “super cartel” which controls much of the cocaine trade in Europe.

But now his trial is set to hear evidence of a bizarre incident when Dutch police nearly swooped down on Daniel Kinahan in Dubai – after mistaking him for Taghi.

The court wants to answer a series of questions about the Dubai Police’s observations of the meeting that took place in the lobby of an Emirate state hotel in the summer of 2019.

According to the trusted Dutch website AD, the meeting involved two lawyers who were under surveillance at the time, as Dutch police suspected them of having taken a plane to meet their client, gangster Ridouan Taghi, who was wanted in Netherlands.


Ridouan Taghi, the crime boss who would be an ally of Daniel Kinahan

Ridouan Taghi, the crime boss who would be an ally of Daniel Kinahan

Dubai Police saw the duo meet another client, but then saw a fourth man join them, originally believed to be Taghi, according to the report.

However, as the police considered moving into the Netherlands’ most wanted man, they suddenly realized that the lookalike was in fact the boss of Irish Mafia Kinahan and not Taghi.

The AD news site claimed that the hunt for Taghi, operating as 26CapeCoral, had been informed that the Amsterdam lawyer was to meet with him in Dubai.

On June 19, 2019, the lawyer was seen at Schiphol airport with his colleague. The couple flew to Dubai and were followed by undercover agents when they landed.

The couple were seen meeting their own client, another suspected criminal known as Khalid J, in a hotel lobby.

On the second day of their visit, a fourth person joined the meeting, which Dutch police later reported: “Has similarities to Ridouan Taghi in appearance. “

They then asked their colleagues in Dubai to arrest the individual, but hours later local police said they were not detaining the man as they were not convinced it was Taghi.

According to AD, the police report does not mention the identity of the person mistaken for Taghi who is wearing a cap and glasses, but sources said UAE officers immediately knew it was Kinahan.

Now, the Amsterdam court says it wants to know exactly what information was gathered in Dubai during the surveillance operation.

The court wants the prosecution to provide any additional photographs or video recordings taken during the operation.

Dutch police previously wrote in an official report that no information had been received from their colleagues in Dubai on what exactly they found during the operation.

However, the court said it wanted to know “on the basis of what information” it was decided to observe lawyers and what other investigative activities were carried out in the Netherlands by the police.

The court is now asking, among other things, if there was more information about the Criminal Intelligence Team (TCI). What if further research was done on this information and what was the results of that research.

Taghi, who attended Kinahan’s whirlwind wedding in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, was later arrested in a dramatic bust by Dubai law enforcement officials and returned to the Netherlands where he is currently on trial.

He is currently being held in a maximum security prison where he faces charges relating to 10 murders, drug trafficking and the leadership of a criminal organization suspected of killing a lawyer.

Daniel Kinahan has been living in Dubai since 2015 where he poses as a bona fide businessman active, among other things, as a boxing promoter.


Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Although wanted for questioning regarding a number of serious offenses, including conspiracy to murder and drug crimes, Daniel Kinahan has no criminal convictions.

Police forces around the world suspect he holds a leading role in a billion euro drug cartel, which spans three continents and has been linked to the murder of countless people across the world.

In September, the “Cocaine Insights 1” report, citing Europol intelligence, said that Irish drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) “appear to be gaining greater shares of the cocaine market in Europe” along with others. gangs.

He said a change in the South American criminal landscape had allowed new actors to become involved in the distribution of cocaine, including “smaller trafficking DTOs (who) also come from Ireland, Poland and Serbia “.

“An example of attempted collusion between different groups was observed in 2017 in Dubai, involving individuals with links to Irish, Italian, Bosnian and Dutch DTOs,” he says.

The meeting refers to the wedding of cartel leader Daniel at the seven-star Burj al Arab hotel attended by a number of international criminals, including Chilean drug lord Ricard ‘El Rico’ Vega, Taghi and Camorra don Imperiale.

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