El Dio de la Borra arrives in Poland in the hands of the school of Esclavas


El Dio de la Porra passes into the hands of the Polish college Esclavas SCJ de Beniretrev and thanks to the Erasmus + project
Bernadette’s Esklovas SCJ is participating in the Erasmus + project with the “Steam with Steam” project, the first edition of which took place in Poland with first-year ESO students.

The Esclavas SCJ school in Penirrev participates in 5 Erasmus + projects, allowing students and teachers of the center to share all kinds of experiences with other European centers. Healthy habits and language learning.

The “Steam with Steam” project is one of the projects involved in the Center and aims to promote the thinking and mathematical activities of Steam (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) in the field of education. After a year and a half of online lessons, we have resumed the face-to-face movement by offering two teachers and a group of eight students from our first ESO the possibility of traveling from October 27 to 1 from October 27 to 1. . There, with colleagues from Belgium, Romania, Great Britain and Poland, they exchanged all kinds of entertainment, culture and liveliness, exchanging customs and traditions, like “Mama de la Pura”.
The experience was successful and soon, thanks to this and other program, groups of new students will travel to other countries like Germany, Poland, Great Britain and Greece in the months to come.

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