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The far-right political expert claimed he would close France’s borders with its EU neighbors and strip all migrants of their rights in exchange for legal immigration. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph during his visit to London earlier this week, Mr Zemmour said he would not worry about Brussels’ reactions to his immigration policy if he was successful in his quest to replace Emmanuel Macron.

He argued that unlike the UK, which was never part of the eurozone and did not damage the EU at its core with Brexit, Frexit would destroy the union.

He said: “I congratulate Poland for wanting to build a wall.

“If necessary, I would close our borders with Italy or Spain, whatever the Schengen Treaty says.”

He added: “Without France, the EU is dead.

Mr Zemmour, a former journalist known for his hard-line anti-migration stance and Euroscepticism which shakes up the election campaign with his polarizing language, addressed a packed house of 400 people at an Earls Court hotel.

He told the diverse crowd, which included wealthy businessmen and children: “You are the best in France, you have the audacity to leave your country and I am proud of you.

An estimated 165,000 French citizens live in the UK, according to the Office of National Statistics.

His speech took place at the Ibis hotel after the Royal Institution in London canceled an event after performing “due diligence” on Zemmour, whose polls suggest he could reach a run-off against President Emmanuel Macron, although he has yet to officially declare his candidacy.

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“The Royal Institution decided 48 hours before Eric Zemmour’s conference to cancel, by email and without explanation, the reservation that we had formalized two weeks ago,” said a statement released by his team on Wednesday evening.

Mr. Zemmour had hoped to speak to several hundred French expatriates living in London at the headquarters of the Royal Institution.

The cancellation was incomprehensible and damages would be requested, the statement said on behalf of Mr. Zemmour.

Mr Zemmour congratulated Britain on leaving the European Union but dodged several questions as to whether he would argue for “Frexit”.

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Julien Prychinzki, a 33-year-old Toulouse resident who has lived in east London for eight years said: “I am here because I am curious.

“What touches me is his lucid appreciation of the decline of France.

“We have major problems and we are in a country that doesn’t know where it is going when you live abroad, you understand it even more.”

Virginie Waldron, 33, is from Dorset in southwest England, saying she supports Zemmour because she is afraid of crime levels in France.

She told Reuters: “I see no alternative.

“All the people who show up have been there for 15 years. They’ve all failed miserably, they all have the same policy.”

Mr Zemmour has written numerous books on what he calls the erosion of France’s national identity, blaming waves of uncontrolled immigration. His divisive rhetoric on Islam and security strikes a chord with staunch conservatives.


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