Federal authorities investigate Rudy Giuliani’s trip to Poland: documents


Court documents unsealed on Tuesday suggest that that of Rudy Giuliani the investigation by federal authorities is broader than previously thought.

Although earlier reports indicated that prosecutors had scrutinized the former New York mayor’s dealings with Ukraine, a note from his attorney Robert costello suggests that investigators are also investigating a trip Giuliani took to Poland two years ago.

“The investigation by the government is alleged by them, to be looking for a possible [Foreign Agents Registration Act] violation involving Ukrainians, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and the office of the US Ambassador to Ukraine; a trip by Giuliani to Poland in 2019 and issues involving Franklin Templeton and funds embezzled from the [sic] Ukraine, ”the note said.

The file misspells the former ambassador’s first name as “Maria”, a mistake by Giuliani’s attorney that has been edited in this story for clarity.

“Sir. Giuliani should have known that these allegations were suspect”

During the former president that of Donald Trump First impeachment proceeding, Yovanovitch testified that she did not know why Giuliani defamed her.

“What I can say is that Mr Giuliani should have known that these allegations were suspicious – coming as they would have from individuals with questionable motives and having reason to believe that their political and financial ambitions would be thwarted. by our anti-corruption policy in Ukraine, “said the former ambassador.

House Impeachment Report revealed Giuliani’s attacks on Yovanovich came from Ukrainian prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko, “widely regarded as corrupt”.

Lutsenko peddled false information about Yovanovich to Giuliani and his associates at the time Lev Parnas and Igor Frouman in an attempt to get revenge on the ambassador for her anti-corruption efforts, also promoting refuted conspiracy theories about the Bidens in an attempt to harm Trump’s most formidable opponent, according to the report.

According to Giuliani’s lawyer, the second part of the government’s investigation is investigating a trip the former mayor made to Poland in 2019.

That year, Giuliani went to Warsaw to participate in a rally in support of the controversial political organization Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, better known as MEK.

When USA Today covered his appearance there, the newspaper reported that Giuliani was not disclosing if he was paid to attend, but reporters noted that high-profile MEK speakers “are regularly paid in the tens of thousands. dollars in speaking costs ”.

There is little context in what Giuliani’s legal team calls the third prong of the investigation, but Giuliani pushed a conspiracy theory on the mentioned US investment firm in service of Trump’s defense against his first impeachment.

The theory – who strings in former president Barack obama and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam schiff (D-Calif.) – goes that the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych laundered $ 7.5 billion in a conspiracy involving Franklin Templeton, who bought so many Ukrainian bonds more than ten years ago, according to CNB.

Lutsenko also peddled this theory, the network noted.

“Spouse’s privilege”

Filed under seal on August 27 ahead of its disclosure on Tuesday, Giuliani’s memo complained widely about the extent of the government’s research, which he said had required some 26 years of data. Giuliani and the government subsequently agreed to restrict the scope of the research from January 1, 2018.

At the time of the search of Giuliani’s home, federal authorities also seized information belonging to the lawyer. Victoria Toensing. Both Giuliani and Toensing are now waging their battles for attorney-client privilege over the same file. With her husband, Joseph diGenova, Toensing appeared frequently in the past on Fox News and on other conservative networks. They also represented the Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who has been fighting extradition from Austria for more than half a decade on an indictment of conspiracy.

Although generally reported being linked to the disinformation campaign against the Bidens, Firtash categorically denies this link and the criminal allegations made against him by the Justice Department.

On September 16, the U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken granted Firtash’s intervention in the Toensing discovery litigation, but documents prior to that decision show Toensing argued it was not necessary because she never waived the “marital privilege.”

“These communications are privileged at first glance and do not require any examination or analysis to establish this privilege, which remains secure in the absence of extraordinary demonstrations and justifications from the government, which it has not done”, said Toensing’s lawyer. Michael J. Bowe wrote September 13. “To be clear, whether any of Ms. Toensing’s clients choose to step in or ask her to participate in the Special Masters process on their behalf has nothing to do with her personal privileges, which she does not waive.”

The government’s response to Giuliani’s unsealed documents was not made public at press time.

The Southern District of New York City attorney’s office, which Giuliani previously headed before finding himself in the crosshairs of the investigation, declined to comment.

Read Giuliani’s memo below:

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