Federal government announces additional measures for refugees fleeing Ukraine


The CUAET program, which the federal government launched on March 17, is designed to create a “fast track” for temporary residence in Canada and consists of streamlining current visa and travel requirements, removing most fees and to provide expedited processing. Under CUAET, Ukrainians and their family members can stay in Canada as temporary residents for three years. Those arriving through this stream will also be eligible for an open work permit allowing them to work with almost any employer in Canada for up to three years. The federal government is urging Canadian employers to post jobs on Job Bank’s Jobs for Ukraine webpage to hire displaced Ukrainians. including language training, information about living in Canada, employment assistance and services for women, seniors, youth and LGBTQ+ people.” This is what we need to do. We know that coming to live in a new country, even temporarily, is not easy and we will continue to look for ways to support Ukrainians after they arrive,” Fraser said in French. Trudeau also announced an additional $100 million in humanitarian support for Ukraine to help provide additional emergency health services on the ground and in neighboring countries, including trauma care, protection and necessities. such as shelter, water and food. Including new funding announced Saturday, the federal government has provided $245 million in humanitarian assistance since January 2022 in response to the conflict in Ukraine. This time. We let’s help equal especially Ukrainians fleeing the coming war in Canada. We stand up for Ukraine,” Trudeau said. He added that the Government of Canada continues to work “around the clock” to help Ukrainians.

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