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HRS corporate accommodation platform has added five new partners to its Green Stay initiative, the company said: NH Hotel Group, Leonardo Hotels, Indian Hotels Co., Camino Real Hotels and Intercity Hotels of Brazil.

HRS’s Green Stay initiative, launched in March, uses a proprietary formula to assign participating hotels in its inventory a sustainability score that takes into account energy consumption, water use and waste disposal. of an establishment. Several chains, including Marriott International and Accor, had previously announced their participation.

Indian Hotels Co. brands include Taj, SeleQtions and Vivanta. The company, which operates hotels in 11 countries, aims to shift its entire portfolio of more than 100 hotels to the Green Stay initiative, according to a company spokesperson.

NH Hotel Group, headquartered in Spain, operates multiple brands in 31 countries in Europe and the Americas. Leonardo Hotels, headquartered in Berlin, has around 84 properties in eight European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain and Italy. NH Hotel Group and Leonardo Hotels both plan to involve all of their brands in the initiative, according to HRS.

Camino Real Hotels operates 33 hotels in 22 destinations in Mexico. Intercity Hotels lists 41 properties available in Brazil.

BTN this month recognized HRS CEO Tobias Ragge as one of the 25 Most Influential People of 2021 based on the development of the Green Stay initiative.

“It’s a change for the future,” Ragge said. “It’s as important to our industry as the invention of the Internet is, and it will have an impact just as much.”

Factors of participation

Accor joined the initiative in part because the “methodology aligns with dominant and emerging industry reporting frameworks” – citing the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative and Hotel Water Measurement Initiative measurements developed in part by the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance – “enabling consistent comparisons and benchmarking of hotels in a specific geographic area,” wrote Markus Keller, vice president of sales and distribution at Accor, in an email.

Likewise, Marriott noted that HRS relies on industry methodologies, such as HCMI and HWMI, and that its “efforts are anchored in metrics,” said Denise Naguib, vice president of sustainability and the diversity of Marriott’s suppliers.

The two hotel companies also noted a significant increase in interest in sustainability measures from the business travel community. “Customers have requested sustainability information before, but over the past 12 months the requests have intensified and it would be fair to say that they have at least doubled,” Keller wrote. “Senior executives are more focused on [environmental, social and corporate governance] compliance, and this has filtered down to travel managers who express their company’s requirements and expectations. “

Ragge added that HRS aims to be a facilitator of sustainability information and raise awareness of the efforts undertaken by the hospitality industry to the travel buying community. “Let’s not forget that only 25 percent [of hotels] are affiliated with a chain, “he said.” People are overwhelmed by the complexity of this topic. “

All of Marriott’s brands are participating, except Homes & Villas, Naguib said, adding that additions of the company’s roughly 7,900 global properties to the HRS system are underway. To date, nearly 2,000 Accor hotels in over 75 countries have joined the Green Stay Initiative. “This number will be further expanded in the new year with the completion of an enhanced hotel reporting program,” Keller added.

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