Foster + Partners won the competition for the design of a new airport in Poland


The Foster+Partners and Buro Happold consortium won the competition for the design of a new CPK (Centralny Port Komunikacyjny) airport between Warsaw and Łódź in Poland.

Dubbed a ‘pivotal project’, the new transport hub will act as a symbolic gateway to Poland, which will become a 21st century transport interchange uniting air, rail and road. Additionally, the project will reflect the country’s national identity and provide an exceptional passenger experience.

Grant Brooker, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, said: “We are proud and delighted to have been chosen by CPK as the designers of this project. In collaboration, we will work together to create a model for the future of fully integrated transportation design. We believe this project will completely revolutionize travel across the country and beyond. The vision of the woven architectural form is deliberately and strongly expressed. It could shape the building and guide passengers through its spaces, while serving as a powerful symbolic reference to Poland’s rich cultural heritage and the united strength of its people.

The CPK airport vision includes a landside interchange plaza enlivened by lush greenery and flooded with natural light. Before moving or welcoming visitors, people gathered in this dynamic space. The square connects three main modes of transport: air, rail and road.

The area serves as a focal point for the program and can contribute to the transition to more efficient and sustainable modes of transport. The square could also accommodate emerging technologies in the future. One of the design concepts is a simple, continuous arched roof that intuitively directs passengers from the seat into the aircraft.

CPK Airport will initially serve up to 40 million passengers before expanding seamlessly to reach the target of 65 million passengers by 2060.

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