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A hotel guest has made a grisly discovery inside a coffee machine, sharing what it really looks like inside the seemingly innocuous device.

A hotel guest has left people horrified after sharing what it really looks like inside a coffee machine in a hotel room.

The chilling image was shared on Reddit, with hundreds of people stunned.

The image was captioned: “An example of why you don’t use the coffee maker in your hotel room.”

An image showed the inside of the kettle with dirty water as well as marks and stains on the sides of the machine, The sun reports.

However, that wasn’t the worst. There was also a mushroom floating in it.

Reddit users were disgusted, though many weren’t so shocked.

One person wrote, “Never trust a coffee maker that isn’t used every day.”

Someone who claimed to work in a hotel warned: “These things aren’t cleaned.

Another person joked, “The mushroom cafe is a real thing and it’s very expensive and you seem ungrateful.”

Many people have shared their own horror stories of what guests have done to coffee machines in their hotel rooms.

One person wrote: “During my apprenticeship, I had to spend the night and share a room with someone I worked with. In the morning, they put their underwear in the kettle to clean them.

Someone else claimed, “My friend’s wife was a flight attendant and she told me never to use the hotel coffee makers because the flight attendants wash their tights there. It marked me.

And an even worse use has been revealed: “My dad told me never to use hotel coffee makers. Back when he was partying, he was throwing up in the coffee pots.

This isn’t the first time a horrifying discovery has been made in a hotel room.

A guest was disgusted to find mold and fungus in his room’s coffee machine after lifting the lid.

And a hotel expert previously explained that the first thing to check when entering your hotel room is the coffee machine.

If it’s dirty inside, it could indicate that the rest of the room hasn’t received much attention from the housekeeping staff.

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