Great Britain extends “Green List” for travel. And Poland?


Britain offers more changes for travelers. As of Monday, August 30, 43 countries and territories will be on Britain’s ‘green list’, meaning they are safe from epidemics, although some are small or hard to reach areas.

Britain. Seven new countries on the “Green List”

on the update, “Green list” Canada, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Portuguese Azores archipelago were on display. After returning from the countries marked in green, you do not need to quarantine yourself for 10 days, whether or not the person has been vaccinated. However, they all must pass a coronavirus test before returning to the UK and one upon their return.

use “Red list” Montenegro and Thailand have been changed. Keep in mind that returning countries on this list comes with an absolute commitment to a paid quarantine in a particular hotel (even if someone has been fully vaccinated) and three tests. The cost of a 10-day quarantine is £ 2,285 for a single person. If two adults are isolated in the same room, the cost for the other person will be £ 1,430.

After the changes, which come into effect on August 30, a total of 43 countries and regions will be on the “green list” and 62 on the “red list”.

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Poland is on the “yellow list” of travelers

to countries of “yellow list” – including the majority of European countries, including Poland – fully vaccinated people can leave without being quarantined upon return, but they must also pass the same tests. Unimmunized people should be quarantined at home for 10 days after their departure to “yellow list” countries and three tests – one before return and two after (or three if they wish to reduce the quarantine).

In addition, from August 2, people fully vaccinated in the European Union, EFTA countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and the United States, as well as Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican, can come to the UK without quarantine.

Source: PAP (Bartłomiej Niedziński)


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