Greece and Spain – Most visited countries in the EU during the pandemic



The most visited countries in Europe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted for more than two years, have been Greece and Spain, a report published by the European Tourism Council (ETC) reveals.

According to this report, these two countries were also the most acclaimed, with overall score points reaching 4.0 out of five, reports

Furthermore, the majority of visitors to Greece throughout the pandemic came from Germany, followed by the British and French in equal shares, while the latter accounted for three-quarters or around 75% of all visitors to Spain. The remaining quarter of visitors were American, the data shows.

However, travelers have faced several challenges during this period regarding their trips, with many having to be canceled due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the first confinement started in September 2020, I had tickets to go to Spain, to Malaga, to see a friend. My flight was canceled; I tried to change the tickets for the beginning of June from the same year, but they were canceled again, so I changed the tickets to go to Greece in July, which was also canceled, I managed to change the tickets for the end of July, which worked, and I managed to get there.” said a British traveler.

Other countries to follow on the list were Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, but each scored 2.0 points from a total of five.

Austria and Belgium were also visited by Dutch visitors, while Australians visited Austria, Germany and Poland. Belgium was also visited by French people, as was the Netherlands. The latter has also welcomed many Italian visitors, as well as France and Germany. Additionally, Poland was visited by the British while the Americans remained loyal to France.

Croatia and the Czech Republic were mainly visited by Dutch tourists while England had the most French visitors, as did Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal. However, all of these countries had low points of only 1.0.

Responding to the question regarding which tourism products and services adopted during the pandemic would respondents like to keep in the future, Italians and French were the most vocal about maintaining improved hygiene and flexible cancellation policies , the latter being the main answer for Australians, Americans. and the British too.

Dutch, German and French tourists want attendance at the sites to remain limited. Additionally, Germans said they would like COVID-19 measures to remain in place if necessary, while Dutch visitors were fond of requiring reservations prior to arrival at attractions, which they would like to stay as a product and service in the tourism industry. .

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