Have you recovered from COVID and traveled to Israel? No PCR testing required



People who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months will no longer be required to take a PCR test before boarding a flight to Israel, the inter-ministerial committee on exceptions ruled Sunday evening.

Until now, collectors had to submit an application form to the Exceptions Committee in advance to be exempted from taking a PCR test. From now on, this request will no longer be necessary.
To qualify, travelers must have tested positive between 11 days and three months prior. They must present their positive test result in addition to completing the Inbound Passenger Declaration, which is required for anyone entering the country.

Positive test results for an antigen or other test are not admissible; however, a recovery certificate from Israel which is not based on a PCR test and which has been issued within the past three months would suffice.

PCR tests processed by AID Genomics (credit: AID GENOMICS)

The committee said the decision has already been communicated to airlines and will take effect immediately.

This does not change the rules for entering the country, of course.

To this day, Israel is not open to individual tourists, but only to first-degree relatives of people living in Israel and certain groups of other people – all with special approval. Small groups of pre-approved tourists are also allowed to visit.

All Israelis are free to enter the country.

The Department of Health also updated the list of red, orange and yellow countries on Monday just before the Sukkot feast begins. As of September 27, Mexico will no longer be a red or banned country.

Only three red countries remain: Bulgaria, Brazil and Turkey. To travel to the Red Countries, people must obtain special permission from the Exceptions Committee.

The list of yellow countries has also been published: Austria, Uruguay, Bahrain, Gabon, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Cyprus.

All other countries are considered orange.

As of September 3, people who received a booster injection, were vaccinated with two doses of an approved vaccine within six months, people who recovered from the virus and received an injection or generally recovered during the last six months it is no longer necessary to be isolated for seven to 14 days on return. Instead, they can take a PCR test at the airport and be released once a negative result is obtained or 24 hours have passed – whichever comes first.

People who are not vaccinated or cured should be isolated for seven to 14 days when entering the country from abroad, no matter where.

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