Hotel cleaners post their ‘wishlist’ for guest behavior in the room


Hotel Cleaners Post Guest Room “Wish List”

November 3, 2021

Hotel Cleaners Post Guest Room Behavior 'Wish List'

Housekeeping crews have taken to social media to tell guests what they’re doing right – and wrong – when they leave their hotel rooms.

Guests asked staff in a Reddit thread what they could do differently to ease the burden on the cleaner. And responses revealed that a stripped bed and a tidy bedroom were often better than a tip.

The “Hotel Maids of Reddit” thread incorporates messages from cleaners and guests about practices that would help make life easier for housekeeping crews. One cleaner wrote: “Flush the toilet please. Leaving behind a toilet that looks like an open septic tank is really nasty,” while another asked guests not to leave garbage strewn about it. the room.

“Put your trash in the trash and empty all water bottles and cans before putting them for recycling,” the post read. Hotel guests were also asked to refrain from making their beds before leaving, but to remove laundry instead and leave it stacked on the bed ready to be washed.

And guests were asked to organize any items left for the wash or the trash. “Group” similar “items so that all towels can be thrown together in the tub and throw away all used equipment such as soaps, shampoo and coffee pods, unless the hotel has some kind recycling program, “he pleaded.

Surprisingly, cleaners claimed that a tip was neither necessary nor expected, adding that a note of appreciation and a tidy room were considered more important.

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