Hotel employee reveals cheeky phrase to get free upgrade


Getting a free upgrade to a better room when you arrive at your hotel is something most guests only dream of.

But that dream could come true as a hotel employee has revealed the one phrase you need to say to get a free upgrade – but you might have to do some homework.

Edward Conway took to Q&A site Quora to share his advice for hotel guests looking to find themselves in a nicer room, The sun reports.

He advised customers to ask the front desk clerk for their name and say they would be giving feedback and would like it included.

This way they are more likely to be upgraded so both the hotel and the staff member can get good reviews.

So the only sentence you need to say is, “I’m going to leave a review, what’s your name?”

Edward pointed out how important a good review is for a hotel – so you should probably only use this technique if you’re leaving a review.

He said: “Be polite and note things that can be included in a feedback survey.

“A guest who uses my name and provides an email address so they can comment on their stay is more likely to comment on the stay.

“Having consistent positive feedback from guests is a central goal of hospitality. Management and staff are judged on this as a key indicator of business performance.”

Edward also explained that by doing the reverse and telling the hotel staff you won’t leave a review, they won’t care so much about your experience, so you’ll be less likely to be upgraded.

He added: “Letting reception know you won’t be giving feedback is like saying you don’t care about your stay.”

A hotel owner has revealed how guests can get a free room upgrade – “Don’t be greedy.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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