Hotel evacuated after guest collapsed due to toxic gas during Christmas stay


The Royal Bar & Hotel in Morecambe, Lancaster, was evacuated as several of its guests were rushed to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment there following carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Royal Bar & Hotel in Morecambe, Lancaster

A hotel was evacuated on Boxing Day after guests collapsed due to a carbon monoxide leak.

The Royal Bar & Hotel in Morecambe, Lancashire, was evacuated yesterday morning and several of its guests were rushed to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment.

Some have since been released while others are still in treatment. Injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Kerri Smith, from Manchester, who works in Morecambe, said she and members of her extended family stayed at the hotel and another location nearby.

The 45-year-old said she saw two young boys and a young girl in her family collapse and rushed to warn staff on site to take action.

“My children and grandchildren were staying there and I went to take them out and alerted the staff to ring the fire bridge and get people out,” she said.

“I suspected it was carbon monoxide because of the way they were falling like dominoes.

“Half of my family [were] at Lancaster Hospital on Boxing Day. “

A spokesperson for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said Lancashire Live that they had been called after a carbon monoxide leak was reported at a property around 9:30 a.m.

“We were first contacted by the North West Ambulance Service. The Ambulance Service treated several people at the scene while our teams remained on site for approximately six hours working with Cadent Gas to secure the property.

“A number of people were taken to hospital,” they said.

“The investigation has now been forwarded to Lancaster City Council.”

The Mirror was unable to make contact with anyone at the Royal Bar & Hotel.

Lancashire Police, Lancaster City Council and the North West Ambulance Service have been contacted for further information.

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