Hotels and restaurants in the United States and Canada can now highlight their identity attributes on Tripadvisor


Wayfinding is Tripadvisor’s core mission. In order to provide more relevant and meaningful advice to the hospitality businesses and travelers we serve, Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel advice company, has launched a new Business Listing feature to make its platform more inclusive. of diverse communities using its influential website and app.

Businesses in the United States and Canada who have claimed their free listings now have the ability to voluntarily choose from several attributes that help better represent their property and brand, including:

  • Owned by Asians
  • Black owned
  • Held by a disability
  • Hispanic/Latinx Owned
  • Native affiliation
  • Belonging to LGBTQIA+
  • Veteran owned
  • Belonging to a woman

Tripadvisor’s self-identification tool offering relied on information shared by accommodation providers and restaurants that overwhelmingly indicates that businesses on our platform will use the new feature. Specifically:

  • Nearly 4 in 10 (39%) of all business owners surveyed said the ability to feature identity attributes on their Tripadvisor business page is important.
  • 39% of total respondents in the US and Canada also said they would take advantage of the feature to display identity attributes on their property page if Tripadvisor enabled it.
  • Among respondents who indicated that an identity attribute was important to their business, the likelihood of using this new feature is very high, including:
  • 80% of businesses owned by LGBTQ+ people
  • 77% of Black-owned businesses
  • 63% of Hispanic/Latinx and Indigenous-owned businesses

After an initial testing period on the platform, hundreds of businesses have already added an identity attribute to their Tripadvisor profile, inspiring thousands of travelers and diners to discover them.

“Representation is extremely important to the millions of businesses listed on our platform and the hundreds of millions of travelers and diners they serve,” said Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer of Tripadvisor. “Enabling hotels and restaurants to celebrate their diversity is another way we’re providing helpful guidance to those who want to support these businesses when visiting Tripadvisor.

It’s as simple as: List, claim and self-identify.

Tripadvisor works with leading trade associations and business advocacy groups to ensure that every accommodation provider and restaurant feels welcome on the company’s platform. Listing on Tripadvisor is free for all businesses and allows travelers and diners to start posting reviews, photos, and other forms of advice about a business.

A business owner or operator can also easily claim their Page on Tripadvisor, giving them access to free reputation management and brand building features, such as:

  • Customize business listing details, upload owner and operator approved photographs
  • Ability to join the conversation by allowing operators to respond to reviews and access free tools to generate more reviews for their business
  • Access to key insights to help owners or operators analyze and leverage their business performance

Finally, any claimed business located in the United States or Canada that wishes to identify themselves can easily access and select all relevant attributes in their management center, and their business listing will reflect this information for millions of travelers or guests can see them. As we know, celebrating diversity of voices is more important than ever to our community, adding an identity attribute can help businesses get discovered and supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the identity attributes of the owner?

Hoteliers and restaurateurs of United States and Canada can now highlight identity attributes that will be displayed on their Tripadvisor listing page. Currently, in the Management Center experience, hotel property owners in these regions can select one of the following attributes:

  • Owned by Asians
  • Black owned
  • Held by a disability
  • Hispanic/Latinx Owned
  • Native affiliation
  • Belonging to LGBTQIA+
  • Veteran owned
  • Belonging to a woman

Providing Owner Identity Attributes is completely voluntary and is only available to businesses based in the United States and Canada. Tripadvisor does not verify the accuracy of this information.

Why did you choose these attributes?

The identity attributes highlighted by Tripadvisor were selected based on research conducted with hotel and restaurant owners in the United States and Canada. The eight attributes Tripadvisor now offers are the most frequently identified as relevant to these owners and operators.

How do I know if any of these attributes apply to my business?

If 51% or more of your business is wholly owned and controlled directly by a person or persons who identify as members of one or more of the identity attributes described above, you must select that attribute(s). This criterion applies to individual owners, individual franchisees as well as groups of owners of franchised hotel chains and restaurants.

However, at this stage, Identity Attributes are only applicable to owners of accommodation or hospitality properties and do not apply to managers, managing partners, property management or employees.

How can I add an attribute to my business?

Any registered owner in the United States and Canada can add an owner ID attribute to their Tripadvisor listing page through their Owner Center. Within the Management Center, under the “Manage Ads” tab, you will see a new option called “Corporate Identity Attributes.” After selecting this, you will have the option to click on one or more of the attributes offered by Tripadvisor. Once selected, attributes will appear on your Tripadvisor page within 1-2 business days.

What if I no longer want to display an attribute on my profile?

The provision of Owner Identity Attributes is completely voluntary and can be changed at any time in the Owner Area.

When will you deploy these features more widely?

Currently, hotel and restaurant owners in the United States and Canada can highlight identity attributes that will be featured on their Tripadvisor listing. We hope to extend these features with additional functionality such as searchability, and make them available to businesses in other locations in the future.

About Tripadvisor

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* Source: SimilarWeb, monthly deduplicated unique users, March 2022
** Source: Tripadvisor internal log files

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