How to Stay Cheap in Majestic Santorini

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Cheap Santorini? Although the Greek island is known for its very expensive accommodation, this does not mean that there are not yet hotels and cheap accommodation available for the summer of 2022. Whether you want to stay in Fira, Oia or a bit outside the main towns, there are indeed affordable options in Santorini.

Cheap hotels in Santorini

Hotels are a classic option for families when it comes to travel accommodation. Of course, the majority of hotels in Santorini aren’t particularly affordable and cater more to travelers looking for a luxurious stay. However, there are many exceptions to this rule!

When looking for cheap hotels in Santorini, one should look for 3-star hotels. Usually, hotels in this class are clean and pleasant, but just a bit more basic than their competitors. Although these hotels have fewer amenities, they can still provide a great place to sleep while you explore beautiful Santorini!

Even in the high summer season, hotels of this class remain relatively inexpensive, with prices per night under €100 ($120). Many of them have swimming pools and are located in fairly central locations, which means you don’t have to sacrifice too much to save your wallet!

Basic rules for finding affordable accommodation in Santorini

One of the most important factors influencing hotel prices in Santorini is the season. The high season is summer and more precisely from the beginning of July to the end of August – that’s why the prices during this period are much higher.

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People looking for a cheaper stay in Santorini should avoid the summer months altogether. Greece is still very hot in May or September, making them perfect months to visit Santorini.

Cheap hotel in Santorini.
Credit: Greek Reporter.

Another important consideration is location. Caldera views are popular on the island, and hotels that offer them are usually much more expensive. Generally, hotels near Oia are also a bit more expensive, due to the area’s reputation for being more upmarket.

This means that for travelers who value proximity to a city when traveling to Santorini, it may be best to stay near the capital, Fira. Another option is to stay away from both cities! There are many cheap hotels available outside the main towns.

A tourist attraction that offers cheap accommodation nearby is Kamari Beach. Famous for its black sand, it has excellent hotels at much more affordable prices nearby. This rule can be applied to the entire beach (or east) side of the island, where travelers sacrifice caldera views for cheaper accommodation.

Alternatives to hotels

There are also plenty of hotel alternatives in Santorini for those on a budget who don’t mind no-frills travel!

One of the options available is hostels. Santorini hostels offer both dormitory-style accommodation, where people stay in shared rooms of four to twelve people, and private rooms. Private rooms are a bit more expensive than shared rooms, but both options are usually less than €50 ($60).

Hostels in Santorini will usually have shared bathrooms, as well as no turndown service. For those who don’t mind sacrificing luxury, hostels can be a great option! Many hostels in Santorini have a reputation for being clean, which is a big plus. Hostels can also provide a much more unique experience than hotels due to their social nature.

Cheap hotel in Santorini
Credit: Greek Reporter.

Another option when planning a cheap visit to Santorini is to go camping! There are several organized campsites available, which will allow you to pitch a tent or stay in a caravan for just €30 ($36). Campsites traditionally provide guest bathrooms and often have a bar/restaurant for those staying.

Guide to Santorini

Cheap hotel in Santorini
The iconic blue and white houses of Santorini. Credit: Greek Reporter.

Santorini is made up of two main towns, Oia and Fira. Oia is the most luxurious town, where travelers go for high-end dining and shopping, while Fira is the capital of Santorini, offering more nightlife and other shopping opportunities. Cheap hotels can be found all over Santorini!

Santorini is famous for its Thera volcano. The volcano’s caldera is a hotspot for travelers visiting the stunningly beautiful island, which has villages perched atop its rugged peaks.

The island is known for its colorful volcanic stone backdrop with its white houses and winding streets while climbing the cliffs takes you to villages with their own breathtaking views.

When traveling to Santorini, slightly higher prices are to be expected. Either way, there are still plenty of options for those who are a bit more budget conscious.

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