“I was alone on the hotel room floor, crying ‘you’re an asshole'”: Shane Warne recounts his post-divorce days during the 2005 series Ashes


Shane Warne recounts his post-divorce days and how they were the lowest points of his life in a new documentary film, titled ‘Shane’.

One of the most decorated cricketers in the history of Australian cricket, Shane Warne had a career marred by many unfortunate incidents and controversies. Whether it’s his fallout with other cricketers, receiving bribes from an Indian bookmaker or a failed drug test at the 2003 World Cup, the legendary leg drummer has always dominated the news and headlines during his playing days.

One such incident also happened days before the famous 2005 series Ashes, when Warne’s split from then-wife Simone Callahan became a high-profile event.

Simone then said how her “life was turned upside down” when she arrived in England to start a new life with Shane just as the Ashes series was about to begin. But when newspaper reports revealed Shane was pursuing other women behind her back, she returned home with her three children Brooke (now 23), Jackson (now 22) and Summer (now 20).

A supposedly broken Warne was left alone in his hotel room and cried to sleep.

Shane Warne recounts his post-divorce days

In a new documentary, titled Shane, the 52-year-old recounts the days following his divorce, which the legendary leg spinner describes as “his lowest”.

“The impact on my children, they couldn’t see me and it was my fault.

“Would go back and raid the mini bar. I was alone on the hotel room floor, screaming ‘you’re a d***head’,” Warne remarked.

Warne, had a few days ago, also described how, despite all the misery surrounding his personal life, he showed up for the Ashes (in 2005), simply because his children wanted him, only of course at the cost of their departure. because of his own misdeeds.

“It’s not easy when your personal life is still in the news and has been for 30 years. I wasn’t going to back out of an Ashes series. The kids wanted me to play, so I did. But it was a really difficult time.

“It was the only Ashes I played in that we lost and it was probably one of the greatest series of all time. I was doing pretty well with bat and ball. I was pretty proud of my own achievement given the personal struggles and difficult personal situation I found myself in,” Warne exclaimed a few days ago.

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