I Work in Hotels – The Best Ways to Feel Safe While Traveling

  • I worked in hotels for seven years, so I was trained on the best ways to protect guests.
  • Make sure you use both locks on your door and consider investing in a doorstop.
  • To keep your room number private, upload things under your last name and give up the room key pocket.

Hotels aren’t inherently dangerous, but the people who stay there can be unpredictable.

I have worked in hotels for the past seven years and employees go through hours of training on best practices in room allocation, personal information withholding and even human trafficking identification. to ensure the safety of customers.

Read on for some of the top tips for feeling more secure in a hotel.

Always use the latch and deadbolt to lock your door

Using the latch and deadbolt adds two more levels of protection and privacy. A deadbolt will prevent any authorized key from entering the room and the latch will prevent an unlocked door from being immediately opened.

Plus, both will prevent employees from accidentally falling on you after a shower.

Do not disturb signs are obeyed by employees, so use them

Do not disturb sign hanging on the hotel door

The Do Not Disturb sign can help you assess who is trying to enter your room.

Justin aldrich

Unless you’re late, well-trained employees shouldn’t bother you if you have the sign on the door.

If you turn it off and there is noise at the door, you can consider it a red flag as it probably isn’t a member of staff on the other side.

If the hotel really needs to contact you, they will call your room or your cell phone. In an emergency, you would hear a siren and / or a verbal announcement in the hallways.

Check your room for any problems or intruders before you settle in

Walking around the room allows you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings while detecting cleanliness issues.

There are real horror stories of predators hiding under hotel beds until people fall asleep. A quick check behind curtains, under the bed, and anywhere else someone might be hiding could potentially save you from harm.

Your stay can be as private as you want, just contact the staff

Whatever your case, we’ll keep your information secure.

I have had guests who have asked us not to transfer calls by telling people “there is no guest here with that name”. Other customers request that food deliveries be left at the front desk.

In the most extreme case, I have even seen guests using false names.

I never ask the reason for these specs, and I don’t need to know. We are trained to add notes in the reservation clearly indicating that the customer does not want to be identified or contacted.

For those traveling alone I recommend getting a doorstop

red hotel security door stopper

You can find a few different door stops and additional locks online.

Justin aldrich

Especially if you are traveling alone, I highly recommend you invest in a doorstop small enough to fit in a purse, lightweight, and TSA approved (meaning it can come with you on every trip).

The most efficient use the weight of the door and direct any force from the other side towards the floor. As long as they’re tight, they won’t budge.

I would put them against my best friend and bet some money they couldn’t get in until it got deleted.

Use your last name instead of your room number in public areas

If you really feel in danger or just want to keep your information private, your entire profile is accessible with your last name, which means your room number won’t be heard by everyone in the lobby. .

This is especially useful when loading things up in your room like snacks or bar bites.

Even if you lose your key, you never have to tell staff your room number – just show them your ID.

Memorize your room number and leave this package behind

hand holding a hotel room key in the elevator

You don’t want anyone to find out your room number.

Justin aldrich

An abandoned bundle of keys immediately gives the searcher access to your space. But a random, unmarked key on the ground has no value outside of the hotel name.

If you tend to be a forgetful person, some hotels offer a mobile feature that allows you to use your phone as a room key. This allows you to see your room number and keep track of the key without risking the information.

Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts

In other words, listen to your instincts. Being in an unfamiliar city can be scary and make you more vulnerable.

If you feel like you are being followed inside the hotel or outside to the parking lot, continue to monitor the situation. Stop by the desk for help, or press an extra button on the elevator to discourage anyone looking at the numbers from the lobby.

As you walk to your room, check the hallway to see who is behind you. It never hurts to go the extra mile.

If you are driving, unpack the car and park in a well-lit area

warning sign in the hotel parking lot

Bring all your valuables to your hotel room.

Justin aldrich

If you are driving to a hotel, park near an entrance or in a well-lit area if possible.

It can be common for thieves to target travelers as there is a greater chance of personal belongings being left in the car.

Even if you are only staying one night, take the time to unload anything of value. A broken window is better than losing something expensive or irreplaceable.

Personally, I like to park in a well-lit place that I can see from my room, so I can hear my alarm in the worst case.

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