Inka Park and Jora Vision create Latin America’s first theme park


Inka Park in Peru, billed as Latin America’s first world-class theme park, called on Dutch company Jora Vision as the lead creative partner for the ambitious theme park project.

Photos courtesy of Jora Vision

At the heart of a nearly 1,300-acre development in northern Peru, Inka Park will form the heart of a huge resort complex of nature-inspired attractions, accommodations and cultural adventures that aims to be completed by 2026.

Set at the time of the Inca civilization, it is based on the story of a 16-year-old boy, Sayri, who sets out to save his family and village from imminent danger, helping to create the Peruvian dream in a totally sustainable environment.

Inka Park Païtiti Expedition

Communications Director Jaime Paredess explained, “Inka Park is unique for many reasons. It will not only build Latin America’s first world-class theme park, but also the region’s first fully sustainable project that meets the demands of our time.

“Inka Park does not seek to extract resources from Peru, but rather to bring the latest technologies to the benefit of Peruvians. This is a unique project of its kind in Latin America, a project that meets the standards of Peru’s ancient past and looks to the future with passion, justice and hope.

Inka Park Amaru River Valley

Jora Vision, who has worked on theme parks for Disneyland Paris, Merlin Entertainments, Parc Astérix and other global projects, including Legendia theme park in Poland, welcomed the opportunity to bring his expertise in a whole new field.

Managing Director Jan Maarten de Raad insisted: “We are proud to be working with the inspiring team of Inka Park and our trusted specialist partners on this unique project. But above all, we are honored to be able to bring our expertise to Peru, for the benefit and pleasure of all Peruvians and the peoples of Latin America.

While the theme park and its 50 immersive themed attractions will be the draw, it will be surrounded by a selection of other recreation elements, including an outdoor water park, retail, food and beverage center. entertainment, a golf course, theater, hotel, holiday village, leisure park and botanical gardens.

The aim is to create a sprawling natural landscaped setting, where all the fun and excitement is carefully balanced with the feeling of space, fresh air and a relaxing break in nature.

Aerial view of the park

Jora Vision Senior Design Director Floris van Eeden added: “When Inka Park first contacted us 4 years ago, their story immediately caught our attention.

“Things went well when we noticed that this project came not only from the heart and passion of the local people who dreamed of it for most of their lives, but on top of that, the initiators also seemed to understand what it was. it takes to make dreams come true. “

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