Inside the ‘worst hotel’ where guests complain about ‘dirty’ rooms with a ‘blood-stained quilt’


Other guests who have stayed at the Airport Hotel in Manchester say their bedding “hasn’t been changed for three weeks” as the budget hotel is rated two out of five bubbles on TripAdvisor.

This Manchester hotel left guests horrified

Guests at an airport hotel have slammed the “dirty” rooms after finding what appear to be “blood stains” on the bedding.

Others who have stayed at the Airport Hotel in Manchester say there was a ‘huge smell of cigarette smoke’ and said their bedding had ‘not been changed for three weeks’.

The budget hotel has faced complaints from several guests online, and some claimed to have found suspicious stains on a duvet and dirt in their room, reports ManchesterEveningNews.

The accommodation, which is rated two out of five bubbles on TripAdvisor, is owned by Britannia Hotels – which was recently voted the UK’s worst hotel chain for the ninth year in a row.

One of the photos left by a guest showing a mysterious stain on the floor


Aidan Adventure – TripAdvisor WS)

One user claimed their room was “dirty”


Aidan Adventure – TripAdvisor WS)

Over the past few weeks a series of ‘terrible’ reviews have been shared on the travel site, with guests at the Northenden branch hotel calling it ‘evil’ and ‘disgusting’.

A guest, named Emma, ​​claimed she was staying at the hotel after fleeing domestic abuse.

Rating the hotel at just one star, she wrote: ‘The cleaning staff haven’t changed my bedding in THREE WEEKS actually thinks I’m going to be sick because of the way they treated me.’

Another, named Laura, alleged she had a terrible experience where she found herself ‘sinking’ through the mattress to the other side.

Laura claimed that after changing rooms three times, she found herself in one with “stained bedding”.

She said: “Given room 215 and wanted to get some sleep.

“I pulled the duvet down and the springs of the bed went through the mattress, so we were given another room on the same floor. I sat up on the bed and sank into it! It really shook my back I took a photo of the mattress to show the manager.

These stains on the shower were busted by a guest


Aidan Adventure – TripAdvisor WS)

“We were given a third room and the manager came with us and again a mattress with the springs sown (sic). He admitted that all the mattresses in the hotel were in the same sorry state.

“So I asked for spare duvets to sleep on to try and create padding from springs. One of the spare duvets had blood on it! I then lowered the spare pillows and they had Hairs all over from a previous guest.

“Also there were chocolate buttons under my bed and a chupa cup wrapper under my friend’s bed. Definitely not cleaned. Putting a hygiene sticker on the door makes no difference if you don’t vacuum not the ground!”

She also claims she woke up in the morning with “terrible back pain” and was forced to “lie on the dirty floor” to try to relieve it.

Another guest, Catherine B, said it was the “worst hotel” she had ever stayed in.

She said: “Our assigned room was an unprepared room which had not been cleaned, there were dirty sheets on the bed which had clearly been put to sleep and mud on the carpet.

“This has been rectified, but our next room was appalling.

“The mattress had springs that you could feel through the sheets, and the edge of the mattress had collapsed. The whole hotel is worn out and everything needs to be replaced.

“The elevators smell of cigarette smoke. The whole place has an unpleasant odor, possibly due to the smoking rooms, and the cigarette smoke seeping through the entire building. Avoid at all costs.”

Another user, Aidan, included photos of a stained doorknob and a stain on the floor, saying, “Honestly DON’T STAY HERE! The rooms are dirty, unsuitable and these are just jokes The elevators look like they haven’t been replaced since the 70s.”

The hotel, which is just three miles from Manchester Airport, has 1,822 reviews, of which more than 1,000 are ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’ and only 87 are ‘excellent’.

Consumer Watchdog Which? ranked it at the bottom of a ranking of 24 major hotel chains. The survey of 2,371 hotel guests over 15 months to October 2021, left Britannia with just 49 points out of a possible 100.

Despite this, not everyone had a bad experience at the Airport Hotel, with one recent guest saying it was “absolutely fine.”

One read: “Our room was fine. Clean, warm and quite spacious actually but the bed was a bit old and uncomfortable.

“Other than that it’s hard for us to really find fault. We had a burger and fries from the bar which were perfectly edible and we were only in the room for just over 12 hours. It’s not the Ritz and the room decor was a little tired but for our purposes the Britannia was just fine.”

Another recent review added: “Perfect for our needs for an early morning flight from Manchester Airport! Room clean if a bit basic but plenty of space for our family! Reception staff very friendly and efficient and the bar very welcoming! Adapted to our needs perfectly! Excellent value for money for parking at the airport too!”

The Mirror Online has contacted Britannia Hotels for comment.

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