Inspector Calls at Tuddenham Mill Restaurant with Rooms in Suffolk


Inspector calls at Tuddenham Mill restaurant with rooms in Suffolk serving ‘rubbery burgers’ but lures him in with ‘pleasantly spacious’ room

  • The Inspector first visited Tuddenham Mill 10 years ago after it opened as a hotel
  • He says the most striking change is the large teepee next to the stream
  • The Inspector Pays His Way…and Tells It Like It Is

A couple of swans glide towards the windmill as if to join the hungry breakfast crowd. They have a majestic air and a sense of permanence, unlike guests like us who arrive one evening and leave the next morning.

Tuddenham Mill’s sense of permanence is equally impressive.

“It’s been there for over 1,000 years,” says the receptionist. Which might not be entirely accurate, especially since the hotel’s website says the mill is just 250 years old.

The inspector visited Tuddenham Mill and was eager to see how he had developed since his last visit.

No matter. What is indisputable is that it is in a pretty spot in Suffolk and yet is about five minutes from the A11.

The mill itself is of white brick and plank, with its 53-foot chimney rising from the roof and the original wheel inside exposed, as well as many exposed beams. The grinding continued until 1954, after which the place fell into disrepair and was soon abandoned.

Tuddenham Mill was purchased and refurbished by the Agellus Group in 2005. We were here over a decade ago, shortly after it opened as a hotel rather than a standalone restaurant, and look forward to find out how it developed.

The most striking change is the large teepee by the stream, serving less refined food than in the main restaurant on the first floor of the mill building, where a six-course tasting menu costs £75pp. There are heaters in the teepee but it’s still a little chilly so we eat in the main bar, opting for the burger, which tastes so chewy it may have been around since the 18th century too.

The large teepee by the creek above serves a

The large teepee by the creek above serves “less fancy food” than in the main restaurant

Pictured is one of the 'meadow corners', which has a private deck and hot tub

Pictured is one of the ‘meadow corners’, which has a private deck and hot tub

Another new addition is the row of seven Scandi-style “meadow corners”, two of which have hot tubs. They look like they belong to the Teletubbies set.

We are in one of the Mill Stream rooms and it is pleasantly spacious, with both a bath and a walk-in shower, clean whitewashed floors, white walls, a scruffy outdoor terrace, an electric blind concealing. . . and a small carafe of sloe gin.

Breakfast is taken in the main dining room upstairs – a delightful spot as the morning sun streams into the room, although the Muzak is so intrusive we weren’t tempted to linger.


Tuddenham Mill, Tuddenham, Suffolk, IP28 6SQ. B&B double rooms are priced at £165.

For more information call 01638 713 552 or visit


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