Japanese manga hotel rooms strictly prohibit reality, want guests to drown in works all night


A place where otaku can feed their “manga brain”.

the Tokyo one Jimbocho the neighborhood is known as the place to go for used books. With over a hundred second-hand bookstores in the area, Jimbocho is a dream destination for bookworms, and now it’s also a dream destination for manga lovers.

This is because two”Manga art roomsopened its doors on the 12th floor of Book Hotel Jimbocho on September 1, and they quickly became so popular that it was difficult to get a reservation.

▼ The Manga Art Rooms started with a collaboration with manga series Dandadan.

Our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma couldn’t book a stay at a manga art room due to their immense popularity, so he decided to try the next best thing: a visit to the sauna at the hotel during the day.

Before jumping into the sauna, he asked the staff if they could let him have a look in the special manga rooms, and they kindly agreed, showing him the “black cave“…

▼ …and the White Cave.

▼ The “black” and “white” caves are a nod to the black and white world of the manga.

According to the hotel’s Japanese-language blurb, these two manga art rooms, or “caves,” are designed to make guests feel like they’re “drowning in artwork all night.” In English they say this:

“Welcome to the world of Manga Brain.
In our hotel,
“reality” is strictly prohibited.
We want you to spend the whole night
absorbed by the working world.

It all starts with the sauna room ‘KUHAKU(empty space)’.
Anything that interferes with your imagination
will be reset here.
Give your body, your mind, your time and everything else.

Let’s go and fall in.
In the deep and deep abyss of Manga.

Step into the wonderful ‘MangaBrain’ experience,
where you can only think of manga.

This is certainly a poetic description for the Manga Art Rooms, which are currently adorned with art prints and large panels of Dandadangiving you the impression of spending the night in a private manga museum.

There are also plenty of manga and DVDs in the room to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

The stream Dandadan the collaboration runs until November 30, and guests who stay in the room during this time will receive a free bookmark and a free coaster of their choice.

Alas, Masanuki couldn’t drown in the manga in one of the special rooms, so he had to settle for drown his sorrows in the sauna instead. Taking note of the hotel’s “reality is strictly forbidden” policy, he got in touch with his manga brain and opened the sweat box door.

As he sat down to begin his sweat session, Masanuki recalled the hotel’s words:

“It all starts with the ‘KUHAKU (empty space)’ sauna room.
Anything that interferes with your imagination
will be reset here.

The dark walls really helped Masanuki clear his mind and feel like he existed in an empty space. He closed his eyes and closed reality, allowing his manga brain to take over and take him to a black and white environment where he was a famous hero and all was finally well with the world.

Strangely, at the end of the sauna session, Masanuki felt more rested than ever. Maybe this closure of reality really has the power to help you de-stress and get rid of your worries, and when you think about it, it’s something the manga basically does for us too.

Private sauna time is included in overnight stays, which are priced between 15,000 yen (104.84 USD) and 18,000 yen per person on weekdays, with each room accommodating up to five people. Masanuki highly recommends it for those who want to enjoy a “blissful manga brain experience”, and it’s not far from the Manga Art Hotel, which offers a similar escape from reality, only with cozy capsules instead of rooms. .

Hotel information

Book Hotel Jimbocho / Book Hotel 神保町
Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Jimbocho 2-5-13

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