Jesse Eisenberg’s Next Film Follows Cousins ​​Exploring Grandmother’s Holocaust Story


(JTA) — Jesse Eisenberg’s new filmmaking project follows two distant cousins ​​who travel to Poland and learn about their grandmother’s Holocaust story.

“A Real Pain,” which will feature Eisenberg and Kieran Culkin, will begin filming in Warsaw in MarchScreen reported Wednesday.

After their grandmother’s death, according to a description by Screen, Eisenberg and Culkin’s characters attempt to learn more about her past, and their journey – which involves going on a Holocaust-themed tour. – raises questions about pain and trauma in a modern context.

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“I’m trying to ask the question of whether modern pain is valid in the context of real historical trauma,” Eisenberg, who traces his Jewish family roots to Poland and Ukraine, told Screen. “I think I speak from people’s experience [in their 30s] who come back and it’s foreign to them – and now suddenly real.

Eisenberg — who has branched out into playwriting and other theatrical work since his best-known performance as Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 hit “The Social Network” — has explored themes of the Holocaust and how it is related to his contemporary experience before. In the 2013 play “The Revisionist,” which he wrote and starred in off-Broadway, Eisenberg played a science fiction writer who travels to Poland to find a quiet place to finish editing a manuscript. . He stays with a 75-year-old cousin who talks about the trauma she suffered both during the Holocaust and under Stalin’s post-war regime.

The play was based on a real-life experience Eisenberg had while meeting a relative in Poland, New York Jewish Week reported at the time. The play’s artistic director told Jewish Week that Eisenberg was interested in exploring how young people today are “curious about the Holocaust but unaware of its depth.”

In the 2020 biographical drama “Resistance,” Eisenberg played famed French Jewish mime Marcel Marceau, who fought with the French Resistance during World War II. He has also played other Jewish characters: in “Holy Rollers” in 2010, he plays a young Hasidic Jew who becomes a drug trafficker. Last year he was chosen as a leader in the upcoming television adaptation of “Fleishman Is in Trouble”, the 2019 novel by Taffy Brodesser-Akner about the middle-aged crisis of a Jewish man.

Speaking to Screen about the main characters in the upcoming film, Eisenberg said, “They have a funny, strained relationship; it’s a bittersweet story, as we realize that we may not belong entirely together, but within the context of this incredibly dramatic story. PJC

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