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A new multimillion-pound budget hotel – with 32 bedrooms, a dining room, reception and conference rooms – is to be built on the outskirts of Newry, Armagh I can reveal.

A development request – on a site “160 meters south-west of Killeen Bridge, Killeen” – just given the green light by Newry, Morne and Down District Council.

The applicant, Euro Route Food Services Ltd, will build a new hotel – which is expected to see a significant increase in employment in the area both during construction and on completion – with all associated amenities, plus parking .

And it took five years to bring the project to fruition – and decades since the concept of an on-site hotel first emerged!

The location in question is currently described as ‘pasture’ and outline approval had been granted in 2007.

Ten years later, an application for full approval was filed and it has now been given the green light by council.

According to a design and access statement, the hotel will offer “all standard amenities and essential bedroom space.”

He adds: “The site is located next to Killeen Bridge on the main Old Dublin Road and next to the main dual carriageway from Belfast to Dublin.

“The hotel is designed to meet all tourist requirements in Northern Ireland and less disabled guests are well catered for.”

The development will see the construction of a of themmulti-storey hotel including a reception/conference room, kitchen and
dining room, reception and beauty salon.

There will be a total of 32 rooms and the new hotel will be nearly 30,000 square feet in size.

With a black slate roof and natural granite stones, the design and access statement states that all materials used in construction will be “in harmony with the local environment”.

The statement continues: ‘On site there is ample parking and a bend with entry and exit facility on the main Old Dublin road.

According to other supporting statements, such development is needed in the locality.

These state:Jit increases the level of crbonesborder trade in recent years experienced a significant increaseas in the Numbers shortterm visits by business people and tourists from the Republic of Ireland in the region.

“The potential ofr increase in the number of business visitors has and will be continue to to be significantly enhanced with main Belfast to Dublin A1 double carriageway.

“A stable political environmentThe shoeing should improve Northern Ireland’s ability to secure international hhotel Business. Belfast has already shown some success in this regard, with a substantial increase in night askD.

“The is a oobvious opportunity for sSouth Armagh and Newry for ‘piggyback‘ So recognized Hit; however, the deficitences in hotel accommodation offer are currently a limiting factor. »

It reveals that the site had been bought by Peter and Margaret Dowdall in the late 1980s and it was always intended to build a hotel here but the ‘peak of unrest’ at the time meant their dreams lay dormant and work did not take place .

Until now.

Both have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, working and owning hotels in Warrenpoint for many years.

And the statement says the contestants – who live two miles from the designated hotel site – seen the Killeen project as “an excellent business propositional and the possibility of creating jobs and development of the region”.

He explains: “This proposed developmentoperation will work like abbudget hotel with the business traveler in mind with a travel time of approximately one hour from Dublin city and approximately one hour in Belfast City.

” In additionn to the business traveler, the location is close to the Gullion’s Ring Region and the dazeding dreary mountains, the South East from Northern Ireland is anot Are of Ooutstanding Natural Bbeauty, offering coastal walks and mountain treks to rock climbing, nature hiking, photography, canoeing and horse-riding, birwatch, fish and world class golf.

“Extensive landscaping” and plantings are also planned for “help integrate the proposed hotel into the

A total of 21 potential sites for a hotel were reviewed by applicants and this site was found to be suitable and suitable.

Planners have now recommended – and council has agreed – that the proposals be approved.

This comes despite receiving two letters of objection.

One cited a list of reasons why she felt it shouldn’t continue.

These included nsound disturbance to neighboring properties with youg children, general dayfornoise of the day
hotel and traffic entering and leaving the site, live music/events; v negative
usual amenity impact on the area in an area of ​​natural beauty and character; Iloss of light and shading of the propertyaartificial light disturbance and glare on the property; ohmoody/smells; Food waste managementD risk of Iincrease in pests/vermin activity in the locality; Inincreased traffic and exposure to I amlocal media area and therefore an increased risk of crime; and the loss trees and the natural habitat of animals.

The opponent also expresses the opinion that there is a “lack of need”, given that there are three hotels in the area, with two recently developed in Killeavy Castle Estate and Flagstaff Lodge.

According to the report of the professional planners, however, there was no reason not to approve.

They found: “Global proposals are acceptable in principle, objections have been fully taken into account and no major concerns were raised by consulted.

“The proposals meet the requirementsurban planning policies and, as such, basis, he is recommended to approve the request.

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