Klobuchar back at MN State Fair after secret trip to Ukraine


It’s safe to say that U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is the only Minnesota resident to attend the State Fair last week and this week with a trip to a war zone in between.

She traveled to Ukraine to show bipartisan U.S. support for Ukraine, to get an update on the war effort, and “to drive back to Minnesota, no better place than the State Fair, this he told me. President Zelensky is incredibly grateful for the humanitarian aid that fed their people. For economic aid and especially for military aid. American weapons worked.

Klobuchar was in Ukraine on Tuesday with Ohio Senator Rob Portman meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and senior Ukrainian defense officials in Kyiv.

“We received good reports today from the Minister of Defense as well as from President Zelensky,” Klobuchar said Tuesday in Ukraine. “A lot of this is down to the incredible bravery of the Ukrainians, their strategy and planning, but also the weapons they received from America and around the world.”

Klobuchar says the journey to a war zone was difficult and time-consuming. She says she didn’t sleep in a bed for three nights on a trip that also included a stopover in Poland to meet with US military forces.

On her trip back to the State Fair two days later, Klobuchar said she shared with Minnesotans what she had learned and why no one here should take her freedom for granted.

“That’s what I tell people all day here at the Fair,” she told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. “What we have, this ability to go where we want and say what we want, is not Vladimir Putin’s world. This type is basically invaded a sovereign land. He killed journalists. He killed dissidents and he will continue if we don’t stop him.

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