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Scotland: Rising Covid cases are an Omicron variant

About four percent of Covid-19 cases in Scotland are likely the new variant of Omicron, that figure “on the rise”, said Nicola Sturgeon.

The Scottish Prime Minister said the “really worrying development” of the latest variant meant that all current restrictions would remain in the country and new measures such as an extension of vaccine passports could not be ruled out.

Contact tracing will now be improved in Scotland, with family contacts of close contacts of positive cases being invited to test and isolate.

She told employers that if they had staff working from home at the start of the pandemic, they should allow them to do so again until mid-January.

Speaking to the Scottish Parliament, Ms Sturgeon said the number of Omicron cases had more than increased tenfold over the past week.

A total of 28 new cases have been registered in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 99.

“A still low proportion of cases – around four percent – but steadily increasing also now shows that the S gene has disappeared which, as I said a moment ago, is indicative of Omicron,” he said. she declared.

“Our estimate at this point is that the doubling time for Omicron cases can be as short as two to three days, and that the R number associated with the new variant can be well over 2.”


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